Spiritual Awakenings are a Challenge

A woman bent backwards with butterflies emerging from her core, on a background of a glowing planet.

After jumping a few more timelines this week, sometimes two per day, I’m beginning to understand that we are moving forward very quickly. The timeline jumps have become faster with my awareness and with the process improvements we have made.

The timelines that we are moving through have also become less energetically charged, less emotional. Or maybe we have moved through the worst of it. Sometimes I think I’ve become more familiar with the patterns and can move through them with more ease. Likely it is all the above.

Besides jumping through multiple timelines and moving very quickly, I also find that there is inner peace in balance with the changes and growth. Overall, I feel more balanced and more inner peace. That wasn’t always the case. (As you well know if you have been reading this blog for a while.)

The past few years have seemed rather dark as we moved through intense growth and awakening cycles. The earlier part of my awakening felt rough as we worked through the energy of the old life. It felt like there was more dense energy, more emotion, and fewer peaceful days.

But now with so many more peaceful days, and so much more inner peace. I feel like I am beginning to see the fruit of my spiritual awakening labor. The hard work is paying off in so many ways.

It gets easier as I go, and as love, wisdom, and abundance becomes more deeply ingrained as my authentic self. The changes and growth are evident in how I approach my life. I am more at peace with myself, my choices, and what I am manifesting.

All that means that I haven’t cried in a while. The energy that comes up no longer inspires it. When challenges come up, I face them with the new version of myself, my higher self. For me that means I have let go of my past and am ready, willing, and able to move forward into a new life whatever that means.

Spiritual awakenings are a challenge. They are unique to all of us, but they all mean change and growth. Those changes and that growth build upon themselves as does our inner peace.

We shed the energies of the past. The old behaviors based on our wounds are no longer running our lives. We live from the new energies. We live aligned with our new energies. We live by our new love, wisdom, and abundance. Or whatever it is for you that you are aligning with.

We create our new life as we grow through each challenge. It all grows together. And if we do our best to trust and honor the process, we can thrive through it and beyond.

The image is used is from Canva.

I’m grateful you’re here. I love you.

Be well, beautiful soul,