Spiritual Awakening and Discernment

A lotus flower and sparkles.

Spiritual awakening is a growth process. We move through the shadow work, processing, releasing, and healing. We grow, evolve and change. It’s through that process that our energy shifts and we experience our life in a new way.

Throughout those cycles of change we learn to discern who we are now and what resonates now. In that way spiritual awakening is also about discernment. As we grow, evolve, change, our needs change. Each evolution brings its own unique challenges. We must discern all over again what fits in our life now, and what doesn’t.

With each evolution, we must discern what is right, and wrong, for us now. And then, we make adjustments in our life. We walk away from what is no longer working. We add more of the energies that uplift us and resonate with us now in this current phase or cycle. 

With each evolution, we may choose to move away from the people, places, and things we once loved. Discerning that they no longer resonate with our energy. Leaving them behind, feeling the pain and growing from the goodbyes.

With each evolution, we try to discern the people, places, and things that we are attracting into our life. The answers aren’t always readily available. We often learn over time and with experience. We notice and feel the energy as we evolve through the cycles to help us choose the energies we want in our lives.

Is this the energy we want to have in our life? Does this feel right? Does this resonate with what I feel now? Is thig bringing me ease and harmony? Does this aid me in reaching my goals?

We can ask and ask, but at some point, we need to know ourselves. We then feel or intuit an answer. We become comfortable in the current cycle and with the current energies. And with that comes clarity and another cycle.

Before my spiritual awakening, I rarely thought about the energies I wanted in my life. I was disempowered and closed off. But now, it’s what I think about most often, understanding the energy in me and around me. I now know that my old life was toxic. Many of my relationships weren’t built on a foundation of love, but of…convenience or geography.

My journey has been to understand myself enough to discern what resonates with me and what doesn’t. It’s been a path of re-calibration. I’ve learned about myself and who I am, what brings me peace, and inner harmony. I’ve learned to choose for myself and to discern what is right for me.

I choose this new life of discernment. I choose this new life of knowing what resonates with me and what will bring me closer to my goals. I choose this new life of energetic resonance, peace, and harmony.

The image today was made in Canva. The lotus flower is a symbol of enlightenment. It comes through the mud and blooms beautifully in the sun.

I’m grateful you’re here. I love you.

Be well,