Soulful Living

The words "soulful living, body, mind, heart, soul" on a soft floral background.

I set the intention years ago to live by my intuition. At the time, I was eating intuitively and checking in with my intuition to make major decisions. Fast forward to today, and soulful living has taken on a new meaning and new depth.

Imagine mindful living combined with intuitive living. Checking in with the body, mind, heart, and soul before making decisions. Ensuring that our needs are met while balancing the doing and the being of life. It is how I live my life. I call it “soulful living”.

How it Started.

I wish I could remember the inspiration to begin eating intuitively, but I don’t. What I do remember is that for many years I have listened to my body and what it needs in terms of nutrition. When I am approaching a meal, I ask myself questions.

Do I need protein? Do I need vegetarian? Do I need fruit or vegetables? Whatever my body needs at the time I try my best to provide it. Over the years my weight fluctuations have been minimized and my health has improved. According to my doctors, and the tests they run, my numbers are good. My health is good. But that was just how intuitive living started.

Next, I began receiving outfit suggestions. Yes, I know it sounds weird or shallow, but I was truly grateful for the help. I used to have anxiety when selecting an outfit for the day, an event, or even the grocery store. There were times when I would spend hours trying to find something to wear because of the anxiety it brought.

It is a relief to receive clairvoyant images of outfits. They are always appropriate to the occasion, weather, and to my taste and style. It may sound trivial, but it relieved so much anxiety from my life. And that created more ease. I am so very grateful to never worry about what to wear.

When I became better connected with my soul, we started making more decisions together. And that meant more questions. I could ask anything and almost always receive an answer. I say almost because if I asked a question about something I wasn’t supposed to know yet, the answer would not come. That’s okay.

I understand that we receive the information we need to know when we know. I understand Divine timing and how everything works out for a reason. Even with those parameters, I can learn a lot from my soul that helps me navigate my daily life.

I now ask if our creative projects are aligned with our Divine life path and purpose. I often ask about the right next steps to take on our path. I ask if I’ve made the right decision. I ask what’s best for us along this ever-changing journey of spiritual awakening I find myself on.

How it’s Going.

Recently my desire to live intuitively, with the guidance of my soul, has taken a new direction. I didn’t see it coming but I’m glad for the change. Now instead of asking my soul, I ask the entire team my body, mind, heart, and soul.

Especially when making changes that impact my energy output and input, I ask my inner team. I check in with each aspect of me in the form of a team meeting. What this allows me to do is ensure that my needs are met body, mind, heart, and soul.

The other day, I had an opportunity to go shopping. Not a big deal, but I’ve been working a lot and have been tired and drained of energy. I asked my body what it needed. It was good to go, but not for a long time. My body needed time to rest. My mind too needed some rest. My heart and soul were happy to go shopping.

With that information I was able to plan a few hours shopping with rest in the afternoon. We all got what we wanted. Our needs were met. We shopped, rested, and still got everything done that we needed to on that day.

That’s what soulful living is to me, mindful living, intentional living, that is guided by my soul. It is being aware of my body, mind, heart, and soul. And making choices based on those needs. The timeframe and situation vary, the impact on my life varies, but the way I make decisions remains consistent.

What it means is that I get to do what I want to do, and need to do, all while taking into consideration what my personal needs are. It means that I remain aware of my needs as they change. My deeper and longer-term needs are kept in focus. And it means that I am living in a way that satisfies my soul.

It also means that I am never alone. When I am sad or lonely, I connect with my heart and soul. We care for each other and support our wellness in whatever way we need in the moment. When we need words of encouragement, we are there for each other. It is an extraordinary connection, and I am grateful for it.

Even the smallest of life’s challenges are made easy. My soul, via my intuition, has access to some amazing wisdom. If there is anything that I’m trying to figure out. A task, process, chore, errand, anything I’m trying to streamline or understand the best way forward, my intuition knows. Answers come to me intuitively. It’s like having an internal virtual assistant. Together we work smarter not harder.

Challenges are smoothed over and life just moves with ease. And with the ease of soulful living there is also more flow in my life. There is love and wisdom and abundance. It is a slower version of my prior life which has created a balance that is healthy for me in so many ways.

My long history of overthinking has been replaced with a mindful and soulful approach to life. My mind has a say, but do so my body, heart, and soul. We have a quick team meeting and find our way forward. We find a solution that ensures our health, wellbeing, and a well-balanced life.

Soulful living is at the intersection of mindfulness and soulfulness. It is a life that is co-created with our needs in mind. It is a life that allows us to live to our fullest potential. A life that allows us to live in alignment with our needs and desires. It is a balanced life.


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I’m grateful you’re here. I love you.

Be well, beautiful soul,