Re-Writing Our Stories

A screenshot of my website's current homepage.

Where do We Begin?

Writing our stories is a way of bringing our life into focus and telling the pivotal parts that made us who we are now. It can help to zoom out and see the bigger picture to gain perspective on what we want to highlight. What made us who we are now, in this current version of ourselves.

Was it our spiritual awakening, the karma we had to experience, or the relationships we made along the way? Was it the inner work that changed us in a way that our old story no longer resonates. Was it the things we manifested that changed our story? Maybe it is all the above that changed us and made us who we are now? We re-write our stories to understand where we’ve come from and where we’re going.

Where do I Begin?

The old bio on my website’s homepage began with leaving my old career, but that was in 2020. Much has changed since then. I have changed since then. My spiritual awakening process is now in its later stages. I have worked and healed and grown in ways that were previously unimaginable. The old story doesn’t fully share the current version of my life.

It is time to re-write my story, but I’m not sure where to start. I feel like I am a very different person, but yet I’m not sure how to tell the story of how I got that way. Yes, I write a weekly blog post, but re-writing the story is an entirely different challenge. 

Drafting the New Story.

I sat at my dining table, laptop in front of me, and began to write. After weeks of allowing my mind to get comfortable with the need for a new story, one began to emerge. I connect with spirit to write, and this session was no different.

I felt the energy come from within as we co-created our foundation for the next phase of life. The words flowed through me and onto the page. I did not judge the words or become attached to them. Instead, I edited to clarify the energy and the intention. It was a co-creative effort.

Once the first draft was completed, I went for a long walk. The crisp early autumn morning was beautiful. My own energy was being stirred. And as we often do, we practiced energy releasing as I walked. I noticed that the dense energies cleared out, and I allowed myself to be filled by the nature that was all around me. I was high vibing by the time I got to the plant store. It continued when I got home and ate lunch.

After lunch, I felt called to write again. We shifted back into the creative flow with ease. Again, the words flowed through me. Co-creating with spirit is one of my greatest blessings, for which I am truly grateful.

Just like writing, my life is co-created with spirit. I connect, receive, allow, and the result is our co-creation. I am guided forward, and I use my own wisdom and free will to create the balance. When I first became aware that we were co-creating, I blindly followed my intuition. It felt weird, but in hindsight it was necessary to create trust.

Just like with anything, we can form an attachment to our stories. But if we can hold them gently, loosely, they become a way to recognize our efforts and provide us with more clarity. They may even be more like a map or blueprint. A way to co-create our lives.

A New Chapter.

My story is still being written as is yours. We are writing our stories with every thought, choice, and decision. We put our intentions out into the world, and we connect, receive, allow, or disallow. Each baby step creates a new sentence, a new paragraph. Each leap of faith creates a new chapter. We write our own stories, and I am currently writing a new chapter.

My new story did fully emerge. It is now the “About Me” section on my home page. After I published it and expressed gratitude for the co-creation, we celebrated. Mom spirit came to tell me how proud she was. I received a huge download of the most beautiful loving energy. Angels, Ascended Masters, and my ancestors gathered and celebrated. I was showered with love, support, protection, and guidance. And of course, I cried tears of joy and gratitude. I am so grateful for this beautiful, magical, abundant, spiritual life.

Today’s image is a snip of the “About Me” version of my new story.

I’m grateful you’re here. I love you.

Be well,