Releasing What no Longer Serves Me to do What Lights Me Up.

Cancer Reminded Me to Have Fun.

In some ways my cancer feels like the end of my old life and the beginning of another. I’m leaving behind the prioritizing of work above all else, including myself, and I’m moving towards a life that includes more self-care, more balance, and more fun.


Doing What Lights Me Up.

As I was healing from radiation, creativity bubbled up and needed an outlet. My blog was one way I expressed creativity, I also started working on a project that had been on my mind since December of 2020. It was what my heart was drawn to, and where my intuition was guiding me. It was time to have some fun.

I started a YouTube channel, it’s called “Exploring Spirituality.” Each video discusses a different aspect, or practice of spirituality and highlights one of my favorite lightworkers. I get to explore spirituality, talk about it, and thank the people who helped me along my spiritual path. It’s so fun!

If you like astrology, tarot, the study of energies, meditation, “4 Ways to Get More from Your Favorite Astrology Readings”, my channel may be for you. Check it out if that seems like fun to you as well. I would love to have you with me on my continuing journey.


Releasing What no Longer Serves Me to Move Forward.

To be able to have energy to do what lights me up, I am releasing what’s no longer serving me. That includes my coaching practice. I’m shuttering my coaching business. I will no longer be accepting new coaching clients.

The impact to my time is minimal in that I have worked with only one client since my cancer diagnosis. The impact to my energy is important. At this point in my life, and healing, I don’t have energy to give. Closing my coaching business is protecting my energy.

And, with that, I’m able to release the old energy which creates space for the new energy, new opportunities and new fun. It’s a new phase of life for me, it’s my after-cancer life.


Moving Forward.

I will continue to write this blog. Writing is fun and serves me well. The topics will likely change, but if you’ve been with me for a while, you know that change has been a primary story line of mine. That includes my branding and bios.

I know that my new work may not resonate with you. Please honor your heart and your intuition. If my work no longer resonates with you, please go find what does. You won’t hurt my feelings. I want you to do what lights you up.

It’s funny how our paths are so very different from what we thought. I’ve heard that if we were shown our purpose before we are ready to receive it, we wouldn’t believe it and block the energy. I understand that now. There is no way I would have predicted how my life has turned out. It’s so much more that I could have imagined.

No matter where you are on your path, keep going. Our purpose lies in what lights us up. Go towards what makes you smile. Go towards what feels good, challenging, but good. Go towards it, even if sounds like something you couldn’t have imagined.


Cancer Journey Update.

The healing continues. My radiation tan is beginning to fade, and my skin is healing well. Physical therapy has restarted, and I am so grateful. It feels so good, and I need the help regaining the range of motion in my shoulders.

Shifting gears on my work like will allow me more time for the self-care and healing that I need. I am grateful for the balance.


In Gratitude.

Thank you for being with me on my cancer journey, dear reader. There were times when your support kept me going and for that I am eternally grateful.

Thank you to my husband for the support while I change and evolve through my awakening. I am so grateful for your support.  


The sunflower picture used today was taken by me on my walk this morning. Sunflowers represent the Sun, and in tarot the Sun represents positivity, fun, warmth, success, and vitality. Perfect. Let's move forward in that energy. 

Be well,