Rejection is Protection and Redirection

One of my favorite tarot readers on YouTube is Baba Jolie. She is talented, wise, kind, and generous of spirit. One thing that I especially like about her readings is that she shares little bits of wisdom to remind and guide her viewers. Her wisdom is what, I think, sets her apart.

She calls everyone ‘beautiful’, or ‘beautiful souls.’ She often reminds her viewers to “take what resonates and leave the rest.” An important note for anyone enjoying tarot. Another goodie of Baba Jolie’s is, “What’s meant for you will never pass you by.” She shares her wisdom generously. It’s her special sauce.

My favorite bit of wisdom that she shares often is, “Rejection is protection and redirection.”

From this perspective of rejection. We are reminded that we are protected on our path. We are protected from things that aren’t in our highest good.  When we are using our intuition, flowing more than forcing, we are protected. And we are reminded that not everything is for us.

The perspective that rejection is protection and redirection, reminds us that rejection isn’t ‘bad’. We just found another thing that isn’t meant for us. We found one more thing that just wasn’t supposed to be part of our lives. We were being protected and redirected towards alignment. Which is all so much better than the crap that used to repeat in my head each time I was rejected.

I like to hold the perspective of rejection as being a tool of alignment. Redirection, a little nudge to keep us on our path. Nothing rough, like my old understanding of rejection, which was really just me beating myself up.

Redirection means that we’re finding our way. We’re also learning what doesn’t work for us. And, even if our path meanders a little, we’re still moving forward.

It’s also a reminder that nothing is personal. Rejection can seem very personal, but it’s not. It’s not about us. It is entirely about the person that is doing the rejecting. We just aren’t meant for that opportunity.

So, next time we’re rejected, we can remember to choose the perspective of its protection and redirection. Why beat ourselves up when there’s a gentler perspective?

Oh, God, I hope I remember this the next time I’m rejected.

Be well,


The image today was made by me in Canva.