Practicing Spirituality in the Emergency Room

An image of an emergency room sign.

Last Thursday my friend was in a medical crisis, and I called the ambulance. My intuition helped me gather what they needed keys, phone, identification. And I rode in the ambulance as paramedics worked to stabilize the patient. They took their job seriously, and I was grateful.

That certain smell that hospitals have began in the ambulance. By the time we reached the hospital, I was reminded of the last time I was in one. I was flooded with memories of my cancer treatment. I let it go and focused on my friend.

Many technicians, nurses, and doctors came and went as they treated the patient. My role was to support the patient and to provide as much information as I could to the team treating them. I fetched water and called for help when the situation took a dangerous turn.

As my friend’s health improved and the crisis was managed by the medical staff, I began to relax and notice myself. I was feeling the stress and tension of the day.

At one point, I stood just outside the treatment room and felt my hands squeezing. Then I noticed a few swipes of my thumb. My parents in spirit had come to support me. I saw and felt them around me, supporting me.

Mediumship found me in the hospital emergency room and amidst the chaos calm came over me. I expressed gratitude for their support. I received it into my body, mind, heart, and soul. It felt like a miracle.

As I checked the monitor communicating the results of the patient’s vital health, I began seeing synchronistic numbers. Even through all the stress and noise, I was in alignment and being supported by spirit.

Overflowing with love and support, I shared the abundance that I had received. I sent blessings all around as I prayed for everyone who had helped us. First responders, technicians, nurses, doctors, the patient crying down the hall, and the one who coughed like I had never heard anyone cough before, I sent blessings to every soul I heard or saw.

After being in the emergency room for five or six hours the sounds of human suffering, the lights, the chimes of medical equipment, and the frequent loud announcements began to take their toll on my energy.

My highly sensitive body, mind, heart, and soul were maxed out. I felt myself becoming overwhelmed by the chaos. With my friend now resting peacefully after receiving treatment, I sat in the corner of the room and focused on myself.

I closed my eyes and put my fingers against my ears to block as many sounds as possible. Then, instinctively I began to rock back and forth as a form of self-nurturing. I rested in self-made peace and quiet.

I began to breathe with intention. In with peace and calm. Out with tension and stress. I breathed and meditated, and then began releasing energy. “I release stress and tension.” My body melted a little and I decided to get more specific.

I began a body scan and released more energy. “I release tension in my head. I release tension in my jaw. I release tension in my neck. I release tension in my shoulders.” I worked my way all the way down to my feet. The tension melted away.

It was only a few minutes and had anyone come in it would have looked like I was meditating or resting. It felt great. My spiritual practices and family in spirit helped me through the stress of my friend being in the emergency room.

After helping my friend get home and settled into bed, I again focused on my needs. My inner team took over and helped me identify and prioritize what I needed, hydration, food, rest, and sleep.

I was exhausted but all I had to do was listen to and follow the guidance of my soul. My intuition guided me to what I needed. Everything began to flow.

Instead of being stressed and falling back on junk food, I was guided to an easy and healthy meal that was deeply satisfying. My body, instead of being heavy, painful, and overwhelmed by the energy of the day, was relaxed.

Rather than zoning out in front of the television, I was guided to peaceful meditative music. Instead of overthinking, my thoughts were calm, and my energy was peaceful.

I was so at peace that I received a download which was followed by a burst of kundalini healing. I was grateful but tired, so I asked to pause the downloads. Again, I felt kundalini wiggle up my spine, and I felt the message. The downloads were of healing energy, and we wanted to continue to receive them.

With the new awareness, I opened to receive downloads of healing energy. Kundalini energy was following each download with strong waves of its own healing energy.

Not only was I receiving healing and having my energy restored, I was also being loved and cared for by my entire spiritual team inside and out. And, instead of being over stimulated and too stressed to sleep, I quickly drifted off to sleep.

The entire experience was the opposite from how I handled challenging situations in the past. This time my spiritual practices carried me through a stressful time. My intuition guided me to inner peace, and my family in spirit was there to support me when I needed it.

Life’s challenges offer us choice points. We can choose to lean into our new awareness, spiritual practices, and mindfulness, or we can fall back on our old behaviors. We remember what life was like before our spirituality, and we know what our life is like now. It’s our choice how we proceed.

Situations like what I experienced aren’t why we do our inner work. We don’t say, “I’m going to work on my shadow and explore spirituality so that when challenges arise, I will be able to face them with ease.” But that is what happens. We do the work, and we face the world with more ease and with a supportive inner and outer spiritual team.

Our spiritual awakening, the work that we do for ourselves, benefits us in ways we can’t imagine. Then one day a situation or challenge arises that shows us how we’ve grown. We realize that we have changed and the way we approach our life has changed. And it all just kind of flows with more ease.

My friend is well and has recovered fully from their time in the emergency room. And I feel more firmly planted in my foundation of spirituality.

I’m grateful you’re here. I love you.

Be well, beautiful soul,