Powerful Healing with Dad Through Mediumship

An old photograph of my dad, from the 1970's. He is sitting in a chair-tan and smiling.

We are Never Alone, and it is Never too Late to Heal.

Our loved ones in spirit are always with us. They know what is going on in our lives. They see us, they celebrate us, and they wish they could help us. That’s what I’ve learned from my experience with mediumship.

Each time I connect with my family in spirit, I heal some part of me. Mediumship for me, is a form of shadow work. It happened again recently when I connected with my father.

Rather than try to describe what happened, I’m going to share what I wrote in my journal. This was written moments after I connected with my father whilst still in a little bit of a fog. I didn’t edit it then and didn’t edit it for this blog post. It is raw, so be gentle with me as I bare my soul a little more than I usually do.

I pushed away my laptop and sat quietly at the kitchen table, tired and needing a moment.

Downloads began entering my awareness.

Awareness that I was overloaded with stimuli listening to a political video while making a detailed list for a Target trip.

I had been doing this recently and consistently.

An image of a video about trauma response that I had watched.

It’s called “hyper-vigilance”. I am staying busy and avoiding the quiet.

I was exhibiting a trauma response, and it was contributing to my fatigue.

I acknowledge the awareness without emotion or attachment, only gratitude.

Then, my hands were on my knees. We rocked front to back.

My awareness went to dad’s painting on the wall.

It was dad making contact. The signal was weak, but I was able to focus and receive it.

George Michael’s song lyrics from Amazing “I think you’re amazing.”

“forgive me…forgive me” from George Michael’s Cars and Trains

He was asking for forgiveness. I was ready to forgive.

Traumatic events flashed into my awareness providing me a guide to forgive.

I spoke the words from my heart and soul. I forgave.

I forgave myself too.

I cried those big tears of release and had the awareness to release more.

I released the karma of all forms of abuse of daughters by fathers.

In all timelines, in all planes of existence, and along my entire ancestral line.

The relief was immediate.

I felt lighter than a feather.

I felt my father holding me on his lap as he did when I was young.

The warmth was familiar. It felt like love.

We talked and fine-tuned our energetic and spiritual connection.

The energy began to fade. Gratitude. So grateful for this experience.

I was guided to open this document and begin writing. We do that frequently.

As I wrote, about the George Michael lyrics “I think you’re amazing” it repeated in my awareness over and over again.

It was dad, making sure I received his love.

“Celebrate the one that you’re with” More lyrics from the George Michael song, Amazing.

Dad and I celebrated and danced for a moment.

So much healing and gratitude.

For me, mediumship has primarily been about healing. This experience with my father was no different. I came away feeling more healed than before. I’m so grateful that my dad came to heal me, or rather heal with me. I’m grateful for the connection we have now.

A handful of times I have written about my experiences with mediumship. Often my family in spirit has come to me through mediumship to heal me and to work on my shadow. It never ceases to amaze me-the power of spirit and the ability to heal across planes of existence.

We are not alone in this world, and we are never alone in spirit. Our loved ones and ancestors, our spirit teams, are always with us. They are encouraging us and loving us every step of the way.

The image today is the only picture I have of my father. It’s old and a bit blurry, but I am so very grateful to see him smile. Thank you, Spirit. Thank you, dad in spirit.

Happy New Year! May this new year bring you everything you need, everything you want, and so much more. 

I’m grateful you’re here. I love you.

Be well,