Sometimes Personal Growth Happens, or Downloads

Everyone I’ve talked to lately is experiencing some sort of personal growth. My family, friends and social media connections are seem to be experiencing changes and growth. Change seems to be happening for people even when they aren’t trying.


Like Upgrades for Your Phone

When we’re working on personal development we intend to, or even expect to, change. What’s happening lately is unexpected change or growth. Without trying, people are experiencing changes in thoughts and feelings.  

Personal growth happens, we evolve and change throughout our lives. But here’s the thing, it’s not always intended or practiced, sometimes it just happens.   

Without trying we can receive downloads of new information from Universe/God/Source/Spirit (UGSS). Sometimes they are called spiritual downloads, but they don’t always relate to spirituality. They are more like personal growth and impact all areas of our life, not just our spirituality.

Downloads are much like upgrades for your phone but for our consciousness. We don’t know when they’re coming, they tend to just - happen. They often come with surprising new information. And they are always on time, or at least they are divinely timed.


We May Not Know When We Receive a Download

We may be doing our thing and not notice until we think differently or choose differently than we have in the past.

It may hit us deeply, like an inner knowing. We may realize that we have the answers to something that has been on our mind for a while.

It may hit us like a lightning bolt of inspiration, and we have to express ourselves through our art. We may get a sudden burst of creativity and have to create whatever comes to mind first.

We may be purging old ways of being or old habits, like switching from coffee to tea, suddenly changing what foods we like, or changing our routines.

We may be walking away from what is no longer serving us. We may be releasing attachment to or ending relationships that no longer work for us.

We may change in surprising ways.


What Do We Do Next

When we experience these types of downloads, remember it’s okay and normal. We’re are humans growing and learning exactly like we’re supposed to.  

If curious, we may want to bring a gentle awareness to our new understandings and new ways of being. Below are some suggestions to help understand and integrate our downloads.  

Journaling can help us sort through our thoughts and discover for ourselves what’s new.

Meditation can help us fully integrate and understand our downloads.

Nature can help us relax and ground us into the new information.

Salt baths can help purge the old energy and prepare us for the new.

It’s also okay just to let it be. Let the new information come to light when it’s ready to.


Sometimes personal growth and downloads just happens.

It’s normal and we’re going to be okay, or maybe even better than before.