There is Always Another Way of Being

We are taught from a young age to live a certain way. There are societal norms that we are taught is the “right way” to be. I’m here to tell you that there is always another way of being.


Two Lessons and Two Paths

I did what I was taught to do. I went to school, worked hard and found a job that paid enough to support me. I thought I was having success. Until one day, I realized that I was miserable and hated my career that I had worked so hard for.

I was burned out, needed a new job, and wasn’t sure what to do next so I hired a career coach. The first few sessions with my coach taught me two important lessons.

The first lesson, we must know our values in detail. Up until this point in my life, I hadn’t paid attention to what was important to me. I was doing what I thought I was supposed to be doing, working and earning a living. A review of my values showed me that I was living in a way that wasn’t honoring my values. I was stepping all over the things that were most important to me.

The second lesson, we must know what our mind, body and soul want and need. I had been working so hard for so long I had become detached from my heart and what it needed. And, at the time, I was completely detached from my body and soul. I was only living in my head. My body was tired and burned out. My soul wasn’t even considered in my day-to-day life.  

Soon after, I started exploration in two areas of my life. I was going to find my next career and I was going to learn what my heart wanted. Moving forward I had a career path and a heart path.

I worked on my career path with my coach and explored all sorts of options. I was drawn to becoming a coach because it honored many of my values. In 2020, I left my old career and trained to become a professional coach and started coaching. My professional path was now honoring my values. I was in alignment professionally.

My heart path allowed me to explore any and everything that interested me and fulfilled me. A friend had studied astrology and helped me learn, which then led me to study astrology. I learned to study my birth chart and better understand the energies of the day and how they affected me and the world. I learned to be aware of energies. I learned to nourish my mind.

I began to understand better about self-care. I learned to being awareness to my physical needs, including how energy impacted me. I began to explore what self-care meant to me. I learned to nourish my body.

I started doing yoga and with it, meditation. To further my meditation practice I started studying with great Buddhist teachers. I learned about mindfulness, to center and calm, to be curious and accepting. And I learned to feel and be with challenging emotions. I learned to nourish my soul.

I learned many things that helped me understand my mind, body and soul; how to foster my intuition, how to release attachment to outcomes, how to be in the moment, how to increase my vibrations and attract what I wanted in my life, how to flow with the energies of the Universe. My heart path taught me a new way of being.  


Merging the Two Paths

In 2020, my two paths – career and heart – merged for me personally. I learned to live in alignment with my values and in alignment with my mind, body and soul. I learned to live in alignment and flow.

Today, those two paths – career and heart - are merging for me professionally.

I have created two new 1:1 coaching programs to share everything I’ve learned about living in inner alignment, in the flow of life and how to do the inner shadow work.

I am sharing everything that I’ve learned about how to create, and live, in alignment with mind, body, soul and offering 1:1 coaching called “Inner Alignment and Flow”. Additionally, I’m offering “Inner Shadow Work” to support anyone who feels it’s time to clear resistance and blocks.


The New Offerings

Inner Alignment and Flow – starts with a review of your values, then we explore the ways you can live in alignment with your core values. We look at how you can live authentically, and we identify practices that will support your inner alignment. Then, you take all that you’ve learned and begin to live in the flow of your life.

Inner Shadow Work – starts with a review of your values and a look at areas of your life that carry resistance and energy blocks. We then bring awareness, curiosity, and compassion to begin the work of clearing that energy, that resistance. The clearing of the unhelpful energy then allows you to flow. This is offered to work on its own or can be used as pre-work before entering Inner Alignment and Flow.


Learn from Me

We can chart our own paths and live aligned with our values, mind, body, soul. We can bring awareness to our inner shadows and live with more ease and flow. We can live anyway that serves our inner being.

There is always another way of being.