My Six Favorite Energy Hygiene, aka Energy Care, Practices

Rainbow colored energy in outstretched hands.

Everything is energy. In grade school we learn that everything is made of atoms. On the spiritual path we learn that we attract the energy we are. Tech companies know our energy, in the form of engagement, is important and they spend billions to keep it. We are energy.

Our energy is our most precious commodity. It’s long past time that we are intentional with the care of our energy. Some call it “energy hygiene”, but that sounds…clinical. I prefer to call it “energy care”. It’s another form of self-care and self-love, one that focuses on our energy body.

As energy flows, we attract the energy that are or that we project into the world. By being intentional with our energy care, we are being intentional about the energy we are carrying in our bodies, projecting out into the world, and attracting to us. Energy care is the practice of being intentional with our energy from the inside out.

My Six Favorite Energy Hygiene / Energy Care Practices

Energy hygiene, energy care, can include practices that are also self-care, but there are other practices that are specific to our energy body, and that’s what I have here. Here are my six favorite energy practices.

Awareness, what does our energy need? Bringing awareness to our energy levels is the first practice. Think of it like a gas gauge in the car if it helps. Is it depleted? Is it full? Are we overflowing and have energy to share? What are our energy levels in the current moment? What do we need in terms of our energy? Awareness helps us manage our energy.

Energy clearing for our energy body. Clearing energy that isn’t ours, with intention, can help our energy levels. Think of it like when we come home at the end of the day. We kick off our shoes, drop our bags, and breathe a sigh of relief. It feels great. Next time you come home, do the same, and then, with intention, clear all energy that you picked up during the day. It can sound like, “I clear any and all energies picked up during my day from people, places and things that don’t belong to me.” Or, it can sound like, “I clear any and all energies that aren’t mine.” Use the intention and language that works for you and your energy body. Clear it, don’t carry it.

Energy healing can help us during the awakening process or anytime our energy is depleted or challenged. I found energy healing very helpful during my spiritual awakening process. Ascension symptoms, or spiritual flu, are real and energy healing can help. After my mastectomy, energy healing helped me feel more like me again. There are many people that offer energy healing services such as reiki, shamanic healing, and channeled healing. What you’re curious about or what resonates is a great place to start. And, if channeled healing resonates, I have energy healing videos on my YouTube channel.

Releasing energies can help us with inner shadow work. Doing inner work is beautiful and challenging. Releasing energies that came up during inner work helps us complete the process with more ease. We can release the old energies anytime we feel outdated thinking, or emotions of things we’ve already moved through, come to the surface. Releasing energy is my current favorite energy-care practice and I use it nearly every day.

Energy protection can vary. Some people use the all-seeing eye for protection, others invoke a white cloak of protection, I prefer boundaries. We are responsible for what we allow into our energy field. Yes, jobs and people can deplete our energy, but that’s when boundaries and energy practices become vitally important. If we have people around us that deplete our energy, we can set a boundary and limit our time with them. We can place boundaries on our social media time. Quiet quitting is people setting boundaries on their energy at work. The people, places and things that deserve it can have our energy, and those that don’t deserve it, don’t get it.

Replenishing energy is just as important as clearing and protecting. Nature or dancing; being with the one we love or being alone; gardening indoor or out; reading or creating; how we replenish our energy is as unique as we are. You’ll know what replenishes your energy because it will make you smile, and you will feel happy, satisfied, or energized afterwards. Knowing what replenishes our energy is important to good energy care. What replenishes your energy?

Those are my six favorite energy hygiene, energy care practices. I believe that our energy is our most precious commodity. Big companies are spending billions to get it, so we know it’s of value. Let’s start caring for our energy so that it serves us, serves our lives, first and always.

I made a video on my YouTube channel about this, here is the link. I invite you to join me there if it resonates and serves.

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I'm grateful for your energy.

Be well,