My Path Forward is Through Healing

Dark green leaves surround the large white bloom of the peace lily.

Back in the Squeeze.

When I wrote last week’s post, I was feeling energized and sure of my path. A short while later, my guides gave me the message to “slow down and rest”. I was trying to push forward, and my guides were pulling me back to rest. Then, my body chimed in with symptoms that convinced me to slow down.

I felt a push-pull energy. The opposing energies of pushing forward and of pulling back and resting, were squeezing me. I was back in the squeeze, frustrated to not feel well enough to do things that I wanted to do and by my spirit guides slowing me down. Being in the squeeze sucks. Despite my yearning to push forward, I rested.

After a couple of days, I felt rested and well again. And then, I received a series of synchronistic numbers. Big and fast changes were indicated by repeating combinations of 5s and 2s and 5s and 3s. Something was happening for me in my rested state. Then, I had a flash of inspiration. My path forward was made clearer, and it was better than I had imagined. I am a healer, and my mission is to assist others as they heal.

Healing as a Path Forward.

My spiritual path has been one of healing. I have healed both emotionally and physically. I am an experienced healer, and now it’s time to share my thoughts on healing. I have a process for inner healing that I have relied upon the past few years. It’s not physical healing, that’s between you and your doctor. But on inner healing, I have a few tips that have gotten me through my spiritual awakening.

First, a disclaimer, I am not a doctor or therapist. I work with energy. I am an energy healer. I’ve also managed to clear out a lot of junky energy from body and mind. This is the process I use to do that for myself. May it be of service to you on your healing journey.

The Situation. There is always an event or situation that inspires a negative or low vibrational emotion, aka the “trigger”. I’m going to call it the “situation”. (I’m avoiding words that speak to gun culture.) The situation isn’t usually a one-time thing, although it can be, often it’s something that’s been holding us back, something that we are ready to move past.

Gentle exploration of the emotion and/or situation. For this step, I must credit Tara Brach and her RAIN process (more information on that is below). She explains that we can explore, gently and without judgement, why we are responding to the situation. Remember to be gentle with yourself and withhold self-judgment. We are trying to heal so be kind to yourself.

Feel it to heal it. Once identified, we can allow the emotion to be felt and released. Feel it, but don’t wallow. Feel it with the intention of healing it, do not allow yourself to get caught in the emotion. Give it purpose by allowing it to serve the healing process. Know that by feeling the emotion it is helping move the energy in the body. It’s breaking through that stuck energy.

Releasing the energy. Emotions are energy. With intention we can clear the energy from our body. We can bathe in a salt bath, release it to your spirit team, have a ceremony, burn paper messages, it’s your choice. Do what works for you. And, if you’re not sure what works for you, try them all until you find your own way to release the old energy.

Energy healing. To encourage the healing, we can lean on energy healing or spiritual healing. We have access to Reiki healing and other styles of energy or spiritual healing. We can also use our own life force energy to help heal the energy in our own bodies.

Self-care, deep self-care. This step is not optional. Inner healing can be challenging, allowing the time and space to rest and recover is important. Allow yourself to recover in the way that works for you. For me, it was rest and energy healing. After my body has released the old energy, I can often feel like I have the flu. Some call it spiritual flu, or even a healing crisis. Self-care is needed.

I’ve used these steps for years. They have given me a process to guide me through healing, especially when it seemed challenging. And here’s the thing, you can use these steps too. They aren’t completely out of reach or magical. They are simple and can be DIY’d.


Tara Brach and RAIN: My step about “gently investigating” is inspired by Tara Brach’s RAIN process and can be found in her book Radical Compassion and on her website.

Shaman Oaks Healing: Alan Chapman provides free (donation based) energy healing via YouTube and Facebook. Twice a week he hosts live energy healing sessions. Alan is a powerful healer and his sessions have helped me immensely. If you’re curious about energy healing this may be a good place to try it.

Kassia Kristoff: In my experience with Kassia, I found her to be a powerful energy healer. On her YouTube channel, Cosmic Consciousness with Kassia, she provides energy readings through tarot and a wealth of spiritual wisdom.

Moving Forward.

My mission is to help people on their spiritual journey and through healing by using these steps and energy healing. I know how to work with energy in the body based on my own experience which means I can teach it to others. I can help you release and clear energy to enhance the inner work that you likely are already doing. My goal in sharing my healing process is to show that healing is possible. If I can do it, so can you.

As for me, my next step is to become a Reiki healer. Then, when I get my consulting/healing business open, we can work together on this process and on your healing. You don’t have to do it alone; I can assist you.

Today’s image is of my blooming peace lilies.

Be well on your journey,