The Journey Continues - Part 9

This Week Was Full of Ups and a Few Downs.

I’m beginning to feel better, body, mind and soul. My body is still healing, and improving with physical therapy, rest, and time. My mind was nourished by spending time with a dear friend. And my spiritual side got some much-needed attention as well.  

I am rebalancing my life and it feels so good.



My homework for physical therapy this week was a few simple exercises to help stretch and strengthen my chest. The goal is to get ready for radiation therapy which requires that I extend and hold my arms above my head. I’ve been working on it but hit a wall last week.

My muscles were tight and beginning to spasm. I took a rest day and have felt better since. Even when faced with challenges, each day I get a little better. The pain subsides a little more. My range of motion improves a little more. My energy improves a little more. What a relief!

I never doubted I would heal, but I did wonder how long it would take and how well I’d heal. We just never know until we get through it.



It’s been a while since I’ve talked to anyone other than my husband, health care providers, and a few grocery store workers. So last week when a dear friend reached out for a zoom meeting. I jumped at the chance to connect.

We spent hours talking on Zoom. We laughed. We cried. Afterwards, I felt refreshed and energized.

It felt like being nourished.


And Soul.

Another aspect of my life that is calling for attention is my spiritual life. I’ve been focused on my physical body for a couple of months now. It’s time to tend to my spirit and replenish my reserves.

Lately I’ve been leaning into my spiritual practices to help re-balance and re-align myself. My meditation practice has shifted from dealing with the pain to creating deep rest.

My intuition is coming back too. It had seemed to go dormant while I was in the most pain. Now that the pain is subsiding my intuition is coming back. I wasn’t sure how that part of me would be impacted by my cancer diagnosis, but I know now that it may go quiet while our physical needs take priority.

This week my intuition was guiding me towards a book, the Bhagavad-Gita. I found myself staring at the book while in my office last week. Then it came up in one of my classes. Yesterday, I looked for a book to read and my intuition screamed “Bhagavad-Gita!”.

I listened to my intuition and started reading it this weekend. I’m not sure why spirit wanted me to read this book, but I’m open to any lesson that comes. And reading this very spiritual book feels like replenishment.


Going Forward.

I have physical therapy on Tuesday, three meditation teacher training classes, and an appointment with the genetics counselor. Thursday, I’m scheduled to meet with the radiology team, but I’m not ready yet so that may be rescheduled. Also Thursday, I have a client meeting.

And, drum roll please, Friday I’m due for my 2nd COVID vaccine! I am so excited to get fully vaccinated.

The last two months have been very challenging, but I’m beginning to find balance again. It feels so good. I hope you can find balance too.  


Lessons This Week.

Physical therapy, much like our lives, requires a balance of work and rest. It’s hard work but I know that doing my physical therapy homework will help me reach my range of motion goals more quickly. It’s worth the time and effort.

Our intuition may go quiet, but it does return. I didn’t know what to expect after my diagnosis. When my intuition went quiet, I assumed it was because of the stress and pain. I’m so relieved it’s back.

Where is your intuition guiding you? Follow it and see where you go.  

Finding balance isn’t always easy. One, or even several, areas of our lives occasionally require more attention. We can get pulled in lots of directions. We also can set the intention and adjust our priorities as needed and still find balance.

Last week for me finding balance meant nourishing my body, mind, and soul.   

What do you need this week to balance work and rest?


Thank you for being here.