Mind, Body, Heart, and Soul.

The words "mind, body", a red heart shape, then the words "and soul".

In February, I wrote about my experience as my heart awakened. In the earlier part of awakening, I remember writing about getting out my head and into my heart. Even though it just awakened, my heart has long been a part of awakening.

While meditating one morning last week, it came to me that the phrase “mind, body, soul”, isn’t complete. In my experience, it really should be “mind, body, heart, and soul”. I admit it’s a mouthful, but it does more accurately reflect my awakening experience.


In the early part of my awakening, I learned to quiet my mind. It was so active with negative thought patterns and my invasive inner critic; I couldn’t hear my intuition. The mind is obviously necessary to think and reason, but it also needed to be still so that I could connect with my heart, soul, and spirit.


During my awakening, I learned to listen to body. It is the communication tool between my soul and mind. Twiggles, a combination of twitches and wiggles, are the “words” my soul uses to communicate with me, as perceived by our mind.

We have a certain twiggle that means “yes”, another that means “I SAID YES”. In case I need confirmation. If there is no reaction in my body, that’s a clear “no”. There’s also a certain wiggly kind of happy twiggle, that I love. That means our soul is happy. It feels like a “yay!”.

In addition to aiding communication during our awakening, it’s also releasing trauma and healing. If trauma impacts our DNA, then doing the inner work to heal the trauma also impacts our DNA. I swear I’m aging in reverse, and no doubt it’s related to all the healing I’ve been doing. Our bodies are remarkable in their ability to heal.


During my spiritual awakening, my heart was last to awaken. But it was always a part of my journey. And, yes, the heart is part of the body, but it serves a very different purpose. My heart was doing the work.

After I quieted my mind, I was able to focus more on what I was feeling. Then I began to feel all the emotions, and I intentionally experienced every emotion that came up for me. That allowed me to process emotions, process trauma, and release the energy. With my mind quiet, I was able to do the inner work, and my heart lead the way.

My heart too has its own way of communicating. When my heart is happy it fills with love and puffs up my chest a little. My heart feels full. When it isn’t happy, it contracts a little. It does this when I’ve thought, or acted, out of alignment with our heart. My heart was such an important part of my awakening, I felt it warranted being added to the phrase, “mind, body, soul”.


I’ve heard it many times in the past few years, that our soul chooses when to wake up. (I just asked my soul, and the answer was a happy twiggle. So, yes, my soul happily chose.) I’d like to believe that everyone’s experience is the same, but I doubt it (also confirmed with a “yes” twiggle). As is always the case with awakening, each of us will have a unique experience.

If our soul chooses when we awaken, and our soul communicates with spirit, our soul is running the show. Our intuition is our soul’s communication with us, and they also communicate with our spirit team. I thought about including “Spirit” in this, but that is our outer spirit team. Our mind, body, heart, and soul are our inner spirit team.

Mind, Body, Heart, and Soul.

We are understating our human experience by the phrase “mind, body, and soul”. Our heart is a huge part of our path. So, I offer up “mind, body, heart, and soul”.

I see it like this:

The MIND must be quiet so that our HEART can feel and process emotions and trauma, so the BODY can release the trauma and heal, so the SOUL can emerge and integrate.

That is how I see awakening after experiencing it. My mind had to find peace so I could feel and process the traumas stuck in my body so then my soul could come forward and integrate. I just distilled three years of spiritual awakening into one sentence…wow. But it is truly what I’ve experienced.

All along the way, our heart is deeply involved in our awakening. Our heart chakra is the center of our energetic field for a reason. It may be quiet to us, buried underneath the pain that we’ve experienced in our lives. It may be closed off from our trauma, but it is beating and moving us forward every step of the way. Let’s honor it as such.

I’m grateful to you for your energy. I love you.

Be well,