Mediumship and Jumping Multiple Timelines

An oil painting of flowers in a brass jug. My dad's painting.

New Awareness.

It happened last Monday. I started receiving downloads and started crying and releasing. To be honest, I was a little angry that I was still spending so much time crying and releasing and moving through intense cycles of change.

Then in one sitting I was guided to my dad’s painting. It hangs on the wall near the dining table. I pulled up a chair and lost myself in the colors.

An instinctive meditation took over. I focused on the pink flowers. They were how I first connected with my dad’s energy in mediumship.

Then the pink flowed out of the painting and wrapped around me. It was like a warm, pink hug. I felt my hands squeezing together. It was his energy. My dad and I connected in mediumship.

I cried and released old energies. I received so much love. Powerful love was poured into me. Mediumship has always been about healing for me.

Then I was shown the pink purse he had bought me for Christmas when I was a young girl. I knew it was him and that purse was his way of connecting and offering proof. I mentioned to him the Cinderella watch he had given me a few years later. We shared love and enjoyed our brief time together.

Then Mom came through with her signature thumb move. She too poured her love into me. The three of us who could never get along in real life share loved through mediumship.

As I recovered from the experience, I realized that there were repeating patterns in the recent intense cycles of crying, releasing, downloads, and love. The intense cycles had been repeating for weeks. I wrote about them in April and May.

It was then that I received new awareness. It wasn’t just one timeline; I had jumped three timelines. I was astonished. I checked in with my intuition and it was confirmed. The number was confirmed. I had jumped three timelines.

It makes sense now that I’ve been so tired and experiencing intense energy. With each timeline jump there is an adjustment to the new energy and awareness.

The Process Moved so Fast.

During another day’s afternoon sitting in power session, I experienced the usual downloads and some intense energy releasing. The crying started and I approached it differently.

I asked “Is this new or old energy? But before I spoke it, I knew, it was old energy releasing. The big, fat, juicy tears running down my face told me so.

I immediately set the intention and released the old energy. The shift in my energy was profound and instantaneous. So much relief. I sat with it briefly before inspiration came and I began writing.

We knew what to do when the energy came up. We asked, surrendered first and then asked if it was new or old. It was old so I knew to release it. The process moved so fast. I was in and out of that cycle within minutes.

We are getting stronger as we go. Gone are the days of crying for days.

How I Thrive (and You Can Too) Through Intense Change and Transformation.

Sometimes the changes and transformation within our spiritual awakenings are intense. The kriya and physical processes that happen as the new energy enters and old energy exits can be a challenge on top of the emotional and spiritual changes we are moving through.

But it doesn’t have to suck. We can navigate these changes with more ease by doing a few things to help our body, mind, heart, and soul. We can thrive through intense change and transformation.

The bottom line is balance – Seek balance in any way that serves you. It can be any practice or way of being or an intention that helps you find balance within you and outside of you. Balance makes everything flow better and more smoothly. And balance doesn’t mean a 50/50 split. You will know what balance means to you when things start to flow. Once you feel that ease that flow brings work your way back to identify what is working for you.

Team meetings – We can more effectively meet our needs if we know what they are. I do that by checking in with my inner team. I typically will pause and announce, to myself of course, a team. Then I will check in with my body, mind, heart, and soul. What does each department need and how can we work as a team to meet those needs? My intuition answers most often, but I also can sense what we need. Then we can set a course forward that ensures our needs are met and we feel balanced.

Supportive spiritual practices – When in doubt check in with spirit. Our spiritual practices are our spiritual foundation. Lean into your practices for support during change and transformation. Spirit wants to help us move forward on our Divine life path and soul’s purpose. Let them. Connect and ask for guidance.

More self-love and nurturing – These needs come up in our team meetings sometimes, but generally my focus is to love and nurture myself through change and transformation. Sometimes I need a hug, and a self-hug brings what I need. Sometimes I need peace and quiet or nature or both. Self-love and self-nurturing are highly personal, so I won’t go on here. Just remember to provide for yourself the love and nurturing you need no matter what that is for you.

Extra rest, exercise, and healthy eating - These too also come up in our team meetings. My spiritual awakening has been moving very fast as of late, it helps me to be in good physical condition. Sometimes that looks like rest, and sometimes that looks like physical exercise. Whatever helps you feel your best, do that. You will feel better no matter what change or transformation you’re moving through. And I know it seems basic, but sometimes we get so wrapped up in our day-to-day lives and self-care falls by the wayside. Don’t let it. It is important and it will help you have the energy to navigate change efficiently and effectively.

Awareness brings process improvements – We grow through our spiritual awakening. That growth brings new awareness and that becomes wisdom. The challenges and transformation will get easier as we move forward. Sometimes we see patterns and begin streamlining the process. Sometimes the words and intentions that we use evolve and improve. Sometimes we learn something about ourselves that helps us move forward with more ease.

If we can look at our spiritual awakening, or life in general, as gaining wisdom, we can use that wisdom to help us move forward. Things get better as we move forward. We get stronger as we go.

The challenges I face now are so much easier to move through. Jumping multiple timelines and releasing all the blockages between me and what I need, want, and desire, is possible. I can navigate it all with more ease because I know myself and my needs.

We can experience amazing things throughout our spiritual awakening. By focusing on ourselves and creating balance within we can thrive through intense change and transformation.

The image today is mine. It is the part of my dad’s painting with those pink flowers.

I’m grateful you’re here. I love you.

Be well, beautiful soul,