Lessons in Emotional Intelligence from Spirit

A tree lined lake reflecting trees and clouds in the water.

After posting last week’s blog, I rested. I spent one entire day on the sofa binge watching Bridgerton. My daily spiritual practices were set aside. The busyness of life stopped. It felt luxurious and was the rest I needed.

After resting, I needed to get out in nature. I knew she would heal me. I went for long walks and spent time near lakes and rivers. Nature in her infinite wisdom worked her magic and replenished my life force.

And then I received wisdom and a reminder. It said, “Is this new energy, or old energy?”

It was a reminder to be mindful of my emotions. And a reminder for me to remain detached from the emotions. For me that means to remember that it is an emotion, energy in motion. It is designed to flow in and out.

After having done more of that crying for days thing, Spirit was reminding me that I have emotional wisdom available to me. Yes, I want to experience every emotion, and I can bring awareness to them so that they don’t run my life. I manage them, they don’t manage me.

When emotions come up for me, I can ask myself, “Is this a current emotion or energy that is being released?” The question provides clarity and a path forward.

If it is a current emotion, I know that I am to experience it. I sit with it and give myself grace as I experience whatever it is that I am to experience.

If it is energy being released and causing some energetic and emotional chaos, I release it. My energy releasing practices are invaluable. Releasing excess energies that are ready to be released is a relief.

It has felt recently that Spirit is helping me by guiding me towards greater emotional intelligence. And, as a result, I feel great. I have rested and learned to better deal with the energy, the emotion, that is coming up for me as a result of my inner work and spiritual awakening.

The old energies have been released, and my energy has been replenished. I’m back, and it feels great.

The image used is mine from one of my long walks near water.

I’m grateful you’re here. I love you.

Be well, beautiful soul,