It's Beginning to Get Fun!

My experience with breast cancer this year taught me that I had far too little fun in my life for far too long. It was a hard lesson, but a good one.

To rectify my lack of fun, I gravitated towards what I was having fun doing in my present situation. And I was having fun exploring all things spiritual. That’s what led me to start my YouTube channel. It’s the most fun thing I’ve done in a very long time. (I type this with a smile on face because it’s just that fun.)

Talking about the things that I like to talk about, is fun, but it’s more about exploring various aspects of spirituality. I love learning and exploring. It’s why I called the channel “Exploring Spirituality”.

I’m still very new to spirituality and I love discovering new topics, researching them, and either looking at them with fresh eyes, or looking at them through the lens of my own experience with spiritual awakening. Which, honestly, is what I’d be doing with or without a YouTube channel.

By exploring it openly though, I hope to create a community of people curious about spirituality who enjoy talking about it, sharing information, and inspiring each other on the path. We will be spiritual explorers together.

Shameless plug - If this sounds like fun to you. Please join me. Here is a link. Let’s have fun exploring spirituality together.


Exploring Intuition.

In a recent video, I explored intuition. I have been doing tarot card pulls for myself to connect with my intuition for many months. It took time, but the connection grew stronger, so I wanted to share my experience and learn more.

Researching intuition, watching videos, reading articles, and doing exercises to connect with it, opened up my intuition in a new way. It was an unexpected and very welcome surprise.

In the video, I highlighted a technique for connecting with intuition by asking it to tell me what a “yes” felt like. I did that exercise, expecting nothing, and received a quick and clear answer. Now I know what my intuition feels like when it is telling me, “Yes”.  Then, I asked what a “no” felt like and received that information as well. I was expanding my understanding of my own intuition.

With this channel, I am having fun exploring and learning how to enrich my spirituality at the same time. If this is my purpose, I am all in.

If this sounds interesting to you, go watch the video. Here is a link. It was so much fun!


Hello Clairs.

After a challenging few days, I used all of my spiritual practices to consciously and mindfully find my way through the challenges. Then as the situation calmed, I began to receive synchronistic numbers and messages from my spirit team. It was almost as if I had passed a test.

The number 77 had been popping up for days, maybe even weeks, but it didn’t feel like a message or a synchronistic number. And then, using my newfound technique, I asked my intuition if the 77’s that I had been seeing was a message, a synchronistic number. The answer was an immediate and strong “yes”.

(Even now, as I type, I can feel it. It’s a swell in my heart and a breath in. The energy feels uplifting, like a smile…and yes, I’m still smiling as I type.)

Then I researched what the message of 77 meant. The message is one of “recognition and celebration by my spirit team for all of the work that I’ve been doing” and that I was “being granted a gift”. Within a few minutes, I received a flurry of synchronistic numbers and images about the “5 Clair Senses”. (This article at explains them.)

In the recent past, I’ve felt both claircognizance and clairsentience subtly coming forward. I didn’t really think about them. I could just sense peoples’ emotions or know the outcome of things. I thought that I was developing greater empathy, but now I’m curious and ready to explore further.

Was the gift from my spirit team the awareness of intuitive gifts? Can I develop claircognizance and clairsentience just as I developed my intuition? Is that a thing?

I don’t have those answers yet, but I’m going to have fun exploring!


Cancer Journey Update.

My skin, muscles, and bones are still healing after the radiation treatments. My shoulders which have been swollen and stiff since surgery and especially so since radiation, are beginning to loosen after all the physical therapy and daily work. My range of motion is expanding and I’m beginning to feel better, more myself.

Medical oncology treatments, hormone therapy, continue and I have a follow up scheduled with my surgeon in the coming weeks. It feels like all is well.

I am so grateful for healing, feeling better, and coming through cancer without losing myself in the misery that it can bring. I credit my spiritual practices for carrying me through.


The Picture.

The picture used today was taken by me last week in front of the building that houses my physical therapist. It has amazing flowers, and the morning light was fantastic.

Thank you for being here, dear reader. I am grateful for your support.

Be well,