I Go Where I'm Pulled

Last week in this space I wrote a post called Go Where you are Pulled. This week I’m following my own guidance.

I’ve been on a dual path for the last couple years. Simultaneously developing my professional and personal life. One path was planning my career change. The other path was personal spiritual journey.


The Career Change Path

This path was a strategic heavy, in-my-head kind of energy. I was truly in my head about it and had fears and doubts. I felt I needed professional help to sort it all out. I went where I was pulled, and I hired a Career coach. We started trying to figure out what was next for me.

When I first started working with my coach, I learned that I didn’t know myself well. Somewhere over the years of prioritizing my career over my own needs, my self-…everything, I lost sight of myself. So, my theme for 2020 was to get out of my head and into my heart.

Mostly we worked on mindset. My mindset was fixed and I was miserable. My coach taught me how to take action and release my attachment to outcomes. In a way she taught me how to take leaps of faith.

And I did, I took a leap of faith quitting my old career and creating an entirely new one. I trained and studied and now I am a Mindset Coach. Recently I’ve come to a point in my coaching that I’m ready to expand a little. (Side note, my theme for 2021 is authentic expansion. That’s where I’m pulled)


The Personal Spiritual Path

I didn’t think it was about spirituality in the beginning. My intention was to explore what my heart wanted. Tapping into my heart was my way of getting to know myself better. So, I started to explore things that I was curious about. I tried yoga first which then led to a meditation practice.

Then one day I mentioned to a friend that I was looking for a new career she strongly recommended that I have my astrological natal chart read. I was open and ready for a clue, so I went where I was pulled.

I booked an astrology reading. The astrologer gave me great insight and showed me things in my chart that explained so much of life. And now, I had a theme to move forward with for my career. It was as though the astrology was supporting the work that I had done with my coach. That day changed my life.

My spiritual path also included studying mindfulness and implementing the practice in my own life. My career change has afforded me the time to implement a reliable meditation practice. I enjoyed using crystals and singing bowls to support my heart chakra.  

I’m still on the spiritual path. It keeps me connected with my heart. It helps me be a more compassionate person and a better coach.

The two paths were connected, complimentary and supportive of the other. I wouldn’t be where I am now with both paths. I learned that I don’t have to choose between coaching and spirituality, I can have both. They are both part of me personally and now I am pulled to merge them professionally.


Go Where you are Pulled

If I’m to follow my own guidance, I must go where I’m pulled.

What does that mean for my coaching style? It means I get to combine my classic coach training with what I have learned on my spiritual path.

And it means that I am creating a new offering! My new offering will combine classic coaching techniques with spiritual components to create an offering for women who are looking for that balance in their lives.

What does that mean for my social media? It’s means that you will see a shift in what I’m discussing. I will add what I’ve learned on my spiritual path to my current content.  I will post more updates and announcements in the days and weeks to come.

If you’ve read this far, you’re the first to know.

If you’re looking for a coach with experience in coaching and spirituality, I hope you join me.