In the In Between

A woman standing in the snow between two smooth stone walls.

Admitting the Truth to Myself.

It’s time for me to admit to myself that this spiritual awakening has turn my life upside down and has shaken me in a way that I don’t yet know how to recover from. Not yet at least.

The things I used to care about no longer resonate. The business I planned, and loved with my heart and soul, I no longer care for. I had such high hopes and dreams, but now my heart isn’t in it. I dreamt it, but now I’ve changed and the dreams I had a few months ago seem strange and no longer mine.

I’m in what I call the “in between”. No longer anchored to an old version of myself and not yet fully in the new version. It’s disconcerting. There’s no sense of time and little light at the end of the tunnel. But I’ve been here before and am finding ways to cope.

I am grateful for the messages I receive from my Spirit Team. They are encouraging and always timely. The messages, however, say “soon”, or “changes coming”. And, like all things spiritual, time is irrelevant. 

But those messages don’t exactly answer my questions. Where does one go when we feel lost, unmoored? What do we do when our life no longer makes sense even though we created it with love? What do we do when the path forward is indistinguishable, unknown, ambiguous?


These are some of the ways I cope while I’m that in between energy. These are the practices and focuses that I use in this energy of the unknown.

I surrender. I surrender doubts and fears to my Spirit Team. I surrender to the flow of my life. I connect with my higher self and let go of control. It releases the tension as I release the illusion of control. And, if I repeat as needed, it calms the thoughts, that if left unfettered, that can become anxiety.

I nurture myself. I care for myself as I would a loved one experiencing the same emptiness, confusion, and ungroundedness. I spend time wrapped up in my own arms. I treat myself to my happy places, comfort food, lots of hugs, and whatever else I need.

I focus on what I can control. So, no matter how uncomfortable it is, I’m going to focus on what I can control. And that is my mindset. I’m choosing to take advantage of the opportunity and rest, meditate, and do everything I can to have a positive mindset so that I’m attracting the best into this next phase of my life.

I choose to see the opportunity. I’ve learned that this “in between” phase is an opportunity for rest, and manifestation work. I give myself time to figure out what is next. I make to time imagine my future, feeling to the desires I have for my life, creating the energy I want to move forward in.

I practice gratitude. Always, no matter what situation or energy I find myself in, I practice gratitude.

And I wait…as patiently as possible and doing what I can to support the energy of patience.

The in between space can be oddly quiet after a busy awakening, but it can be a time of rest and of focusing on what we want to create in the future.

These phases have happened before, and they are all uncomfortable, but they aren’t permanent. I know I’ll get through it with a lot of self-care, self-nurturing, and self-love.

The picture today was made in Canva.

Be well,