Intention Setting

Many spiritual practices include intention setting. It’s a way to get very clear on what we are creating in our lives. It’s the energy we put into our practices, our work, and the way we live.

Intentions are our thoughts plus our feelings. The combination of our thoughts and feelings ensures that our energy is being directed toward that which we intend to create.

It is that combination of thoughts and feelings that amplify the power within us to make change. It’s the magic we use to do better in our lives. Our intentions are powerful.


Be Intentional.

Use that power, that power of thought and feeling we all have within us, to live with intention. We can create lives of intention by gaining clarity and setting intentions for what we want to be and do.

Whether we’re working on personal growth, daily routine, career growth, or spiritual practices, do them with intention. Intention is the fuel. Intention will provide the energy needed to manifest and create the lives we choose.


How to Set Intention.

Intention is its own practice. So, if these steps sound like a meditation, it’s intentional. Because it would be weird if I wrote a post about intention, without intention.

These are the steps I use for intention setting. It’s a practice so think of it, and use it, that way.  

Sit or be still.  Like with meditation, inner and outer stillness helps us with clarity. That said, if we can focus, we can set intentions anywhere we are.

Go inward, think and feel what you’re intending. Visualize, imagine, or think through the intention to gather that energy, that power of intention.  

Create a statement of intention. Usually clear and easy to remember so we can hold consistent intention. We sometimes want to repeat our intention more than once, so make it easy to remember or note it in a journal.

Repeat when needed. We may want to reinforce our intention by repetition. To feel our intention as a way to encourage the intention.

We all have things we want to do or be, achieve or experience, and by adding intention we can use the power within in us to make it happen.


Tiny Writings.

Last week, I was inspired to write this tiny story. I thought I’d share it here because I like it that much.


She wore her mom’s earrings as an invitation to Spirit.

Confirmation came before she got on the train.

She thought it was a bug buzzing her hair.

The sun brought out the red and attracted bees.

She waved it away as it flew around her head like…energy.

Her intuition flared.

It was her mother.

Mom had accepted the invitation.


This tiny story was posted on my Twitter feed last week. Follow me there for links to the blog, YouTube, and tiny stories.

The Picture.

The picture used today is mine. My little Peace Lily is intending to bloom. She hasn’t bloomed in years. So, I’m really excited that she’s happy enough to bloom and excited to watch it bloom.

Love you, be well,


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