Intentional Healing

A calm lake on a sunny day reflecting the trees and sky.

If you’re on a spiritual path and doing inner work, you’ve probably wanted to give up at some point. Feeling those emotions that we’ve avoided feeling for so long is challenging. Experiencing them again is sometimes excruciating. It is also what frees us, so we do the work.

Once expressed, felt, and processed, the old emotional energies are released from the body. In that process we find our freedom from them. Our bodies heal and we find that we are able to react differently to the situations that were tainted by the old energies. It is the process of healing.

It is a process. So, let’s think about that process and ways to be intentional about moving through that process with more ease, grace, and efficiency. The point of doing the inner work is to move through the energies, the emotions. The better we move through them the more likely we’ll be able to heal from our shadow aspects. The more we heal, the more inner peace we get to experience in our lives.

We know we need to feel them to heal them, then move through the energies and release them. In that release we remove them from our body, mind, heart, and soul. We can then heal and bring forward better energy into our lives. Our hearts become lighter, and our souls begin to sing.

Our daily life, and our healing process, benefit from awareness and intention. Once we have the awareness that there are emotions coming up for us, we can set the intention to experience, express, and release the emotions. Be intentional about the process. Be intentional about moving through the process with ease and grace. Be intentional about releasing the emotions. Be intentional about bringing forth energies that are aligned with the more healed version of us now.

You probably know all of this already. I’ve probably written about it before, but it is worthy of repetition. And maybe I need a reminder for myself, to be aware and intentional about my healing. Maybe sometimes we all need a reminder to be aware of what is coming up for us, and to see it all as an opportunity to heal. And maybe sometimes we need to acknowledge what we’ve already healed.

May you heal well. May we all heal well. May our world heal well.

Fun fact: As I was writing this, I kept hearing the title “Intentional Healing”, as Marvin Gaye’s song “Sexual Healing”.

Today’s image is mine. This park, Washington Park, is one of the places where I go to heal in nature.

While in the shower this morning, I received a burst of inspiration. Stay tuned to this space for an upcoming announcement. 

I’m grateful you’re here. I love you.

Be well,