How to Live Your Daydreams.

Change your thoughts and change your life. You’ve probably heard this Dr. Wayne Dyer quote before. It seems quite simple and straightforward. If we change what we think about, or how we think about things, life will change for us. Simple.

But, when we are doing jobs that absorb much of our energy, and when we go home to families that need our attention, it seems so challenging. We tell ourselves that we don’t have time to change our lives and that we’re too busy.

We may not even know what we want to change, or at least we think that we don’t know, but we do know. Our daydreams show us how we want our lives to be, and what we want to do. We already know what we want because we have daydreamed it.


What are Daydreams?

Our daydreams are those few moments in our days that show us how we really want to live and the things we’d rather be doing. Our minds wander and allow us to imagine a different reality for ourselves, our dream.

The dreams that we dream during the day are our third chakra firing up our creativity, will, and self-esteem. Daydreams are meant to inspire us towards our future, our soul path. Our daydreams don’t weigh us down, they lift us up, increase our vibration, and show us our joy.

When we begin to act on our daydreams, it energizes us, and fuels us forward. When our vibration is up, the universal energies kick in to help move us forward towards that dream and help us manifest the dream into reality.


Daydreaming our Future.

Our lives don’t always lead us to where our souls want to be. We make practical decisions to allow us to feed and shelter ourselves and our families. But when we daydream, anything is possible.

The daydream doesn’t have to be practical, nor does it have to be something that we can currently manage. It can be anything we can dream of doing or being. We don’t even have to create daydreams. We can just relax and allow ourselves to dream.

The next time we find ourselves daydreaming, notice what we’re daydreaming about. It doesn’t matter if it’s just a split-second vision or an entire scene, what does it feel like? If it feels good, that’s the one. That’s the daydream of our future.


How to Live Our Daydreams.

1.      Allow yourself to daydream. Don’t resist and don’t judge. Daydreams are a natural part of being a human. Let it happen and enjoy how it feels. Let it raise your vibration in the moment.  

2.      Pay attention to your daydreams. Notice if there is a consistent topic or theme. Is it about living in a new place, a different career, working from home full time, or an entirely new way of being?

3.      Support your daydream. You may want to create a vision board, maintain a notebook, create digital files, hire a coach, or join online groups that support you and your vision. Whatever support you need, do it. You are worthy of supporting your dream.  

4.      Take one small action step towards your daydream. Make a list, make a financial plan, research, connect with someone doing what you’re daydreaming about, hire a coach. Do what you can, when you can, even baby steps work.

5.      Go with the flow. Listen to and follow your intuition. It may take you in directions that you don’t expect, but it knows to go toward your daydream.

6.      Your timeline, your daydream. Take one small action step each day, week, month, year, or whatever timeline serves you. Each step creates momentum towards living your daydream.  

It won’t happen overnight. It will likely take months or even years, but with each action step we take we get closer and closer. Over time the momentum will build, we will build confidence, and we will move closer to making our daydreams our reality.


We are Worthy of Living Our Dreams.

The universe, God, Source, spirit, angels, ancestors, our soul, however we say it, want us to live our dreams. Our daydreams are indicators of where our soul wants to be, our soul path. They only seem out of reach because we have been conditioned to believe that, but they aren’t.  

Living our daydreams is possible. Look around, examples of people living their dream lives are all over social media, films, tv, and books. It wasn’t easy but they all worked towards their vision and made it happen, one step at a time.

We are all worthy of living our dreams. No matter what we’re doing now, or what we’ve done in the past, we create our own reality. We created our current reality, and we can create another. We’re not stuck unless we think we are. Our daydreams show us the way forward.

Daydream and know that they can become our lives. Daydream and know that it’s possible. Daydream and know that you are worth living your dream.


If I Can, You Can Too.

In 2016, I dreamed of working from home doing creative work. At the time I was in a financial planning and analysis (FP&A) role, working 17-hour days, and feeling like I didn’t have a life. I didn’t have the time or energy to create anything. Today, I’m working from home, writing a blog, and creating YouTube videos.

I’ve always been a little creative but working as a creator full-time wasn’t something I could imagine. When I started changing my career, writing and creating videos wasn’t what I had imagined. Over time, the vision became clearer. My dream life became even more clear as I listened to, and trusted, my intuition.

I couldn’t imagine the life I have now, but I could daydream it and now it’s become my new reality. If I can do it, you can too.

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The Picture. 

The picture used today is one I took yesterday at Washington Park (Wash Park as the locals call it). I was my longest walk since before my cancer diagnosis, 3.5 miles. It felt so good! BTW - That’s my husband walking ahead. 

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