How to Know When You're Levelling up
and Expanding in Consciousness

Concentric circles surrounding a lotus flower.

Our spiritual path or spiritual awakening is a process of healing, growth, and expanding consciousness. We know that healing can be challenging, and growth is fun and includes change, but expanding consciousness isn’t all rainbows and unicorns. The shifting energies ripple across our life resulting in changes in our lives.

This post will highlight what happens when we are levelling up or expanding in consciousness, and what it feels like to move through those energies. The next time you're levelling up and experiencing the expansion of your consciousness, you will be ready to flow with the new energies.

Feeling not Like Ourselves. As the expansion occurs, we may feel lost, not like ourselves, or just blah. We may not be aware yet of the changes occurring as they are unfolding. It just feels odd like being in between radio stations and not quite tuned in to a frequency. When this happens, use affirmations to help our thoughts and to remain positive. This is also when extra self-compassion and self-care help the most. Allow the energies to shift, we will find our way through the shifts. Trust the process.

Changes in Personal Preferences. Our clothes or hairstyles may change along with us. We may experience changes in our diet. We may sleep differently in terms of quality and sleeping positions. We may find new interests or leave old ways of doing things behind. Let’s just say we can expect to change in ways that are specific and unique to us and our situation.

Changes to Synchronicities. As we move into the new, expanded consciousness, we may begin to see new synchronicities. Whether they be physical or numerical, they evolve as we do. We may see new numbers bringing new messages. Each phase of our spiritual journey brings with it new energies, our synchronicities are expressions of that new energy. As always, trust the guidance received through synchronicities.

Changes in Energy. Downloads, energy releasing, any of our energy hygiene may feel different. It may be more intense, or it may be less intense. Our personal energy levels may change. We may feel low energy, or erratic and unsettled energy. We may want to sleep more, or we may sleep less. As we expand in consciousness, we spend time in between the old and the new frequencies. In that space, we can expect to feel energetic changes of all sorts.

New Awareness People/Places/Things. Suddenly you see it, that thing you never saw before. New awareness about the people around us. They may no longer resonate with us, and we may find ourselves pulling away from the relationship. It isn’t that anything happened, we are no longer vibing or connecting in the same way. The place or things we used to enjoy no longer provide that sense of fulfillment they once did. Again, we may find ourselves moving away from the things that no longer resonate with. Trust the process, it is working our favor as we level up.

Changes to Priorities. As we begin to understand our new awareness, it changes how we spend our time. We may want to change our daily routines or find what does interest us and resonates with our new vibration. We learn to de-prioritize what no longer resonates and move towards the things that make us feel good. Keep moving towards what resonates.

New Self-Awareness. It may be uncomfortable, surprising or both, the things we learn about ourselves as we expand in consciousness. We see how we’ve healed, or new areas that we are ready to work through. We may find ourselves light as a feather and ready to move forward in our new vibration. We may even have the strength to do things we thought we could never do. Be gentle when needed and acknowledge the new awareness when it comes.

Increased Capacity for Love. Old traumas, or wounds, become healed so we have the capacity to feel more love. We are seeing from a higher level of consciousness, which means we may see more of the pain and suffering in the world. We may begin to understand love from new, deeper perspectives. It will likely change the relationship we have with ourselves and others. We love ourselves in ways that fulfill us and create more love within us. That then allows us to share more love. Acknowledge your increased capacity for love, enjoy your love.

Increased Personal Power. Not only do we feel more love, but we also feel more powerful. Not in an egoic way, but in a more authentic expression of ourselves. We feel more solid in our own truth, and we no longer allow ourselves to become suffocated by the negative energies around us. We more fully step into our power and move past the old, heavier, more dense energy. This expanded energy and power is what propels us along our spiritual path and spiritual awakening. Enjoy it.

I have experienced all these changes in one way or another throughout my spiritual awakening. Most have repeated every time I experienced a levelling up. As I learned to trust the process and flow with the energies, my spiritual awakening became easier and flowed more freely. In that process I became a more authentic version of myself. And if I can, I know you can too.

I’ve learned that as we heal and grow and experience expanded consciousness, almost anything can happen. We can see any or all aspects of our lives from a new perspective. That alone will change our lives. But always remember, it is working in our favor.

Leveling up, expanding consciousness, is the essence of change. It is helpful to remember that it is all working in our favor and aligned with our Divine life path and soul purpose. It is part of our spiritual path and awakening process. We are expanding our consciousness and leveling up. It is beautiful and a blessing.

I’m grateful you’re here. I love you.

Be well, beautiful soul,