How to Create Inner Alignment in Our Lives

What if our lives were spent doing what we love, spending time with who we love, and loving our life? It sounds like heaven, doesn’t it? That’s what living in alignment can feel like.

It’s possible to find our alignment when we move towards what our authentic, highest self wants for us. It can happen very quickly with big changes, or it can happen with small, brave, incremental changes that move us closer to the truest expression of ourselves.


What is Inner Alignment?

Alignment is when the various aspects of our lives, however we define that, are in balance. Alignment isn’t the same for everyone, each one of us has a unique way of balancing our lives. We each have our own way of doing and being.

Whether it’s working from home, serving others, being creative, or starting our own business, what we are doing is an important part of alignment.  

How we are being is also an important part of our inner alignment. Being in a higher vibration more consistently by doing things we love, creates the balance that leads to alignment.

When we care for our physical bodies, we move closer to alignment. When we care for our soul needs, we move closer to alignment. Each aspect of our lives, once tended to, creates more balance, and gets us closer to being in alignment with our higher selves.


What do we do when we feel out of alignment?

Creating alignment is a process. Once we learn the process, we can find our way back after life’s challenges take over our lives.

Below are the ways my clients, and myself, and now you too can create more alignment in our lives.

Review your values. – It will point out areas of your life that are important and need to be prioritized. What is an important value of yours that needs more attention?

Adjust priorities where necessary. – Make changes to better align yourself with your values, priorities, and goals. Which areas of your life are out of balance? What can you shift to create better balance?

Do more of what’s authentically you. – Do what you love. Whether it’s full-time, part-time, or anytime we get a chance, we deserve to do what lights us up. What is one thing that you love to do, or be? How can you allow more of that into your life?

Self-care, self-care, self-care – Mind, body, and soul, all forms of self-care are an important part of alignment. Consistently making time and space for our own care, creates better balance in our lives and better balance leads to alignment. What part of you needs more care? What is one thing you can do today to honor that need? What is one change that you can implement to make your self-care more consistent?

Release what no longer serves you. – It’s important to release and let go of what’s not longer serving us. Whether it’s emotions, relationships, or any sort of life situation, releasing means making space for what does serve us. Releasing also creates the inner space needed to allow the ‘new’ into our lives. What is one thing (situation, emotional trigger, person, etc.) that you are ready release?


It’s likely not going to happen overnight, but you can create alignment for yourself by being intentional with your priorities, creating consistent self-care, and by releasing what no longer serves us.

No matter what your values are, or how want to align yourself, do it, you are worth it.


Need Help Finding Your Alignment?

If you’d like help finding your inner alignment, click here [INSERT LINK] and check out my offerings. Use my contact form at the bottom my home page, about page, or coaching page on my website if you have questions or would like a free Chemistry Session.


Cancer Journey Update.

I am healing so well. All the of the blisters and wound have healed. The color of my skin in the radiation field has changed from lava lamp style to an even tan. My radiation oncology team said that it would “heal fast” once I “turned the corner” which has happened.

Physical therapy, which was paused due to my radiation burns, begins again this week. I am so looking forward to regaining range of motion in my shoulders. My right shoulder is so tight and needs professional help.

My next doctor’s appointment is in October. So, I’m wondering, does this mean I’m a cancer survivor now? When do I graduate from cancer patient to cancer survivor?

It doesn’t matter, I’m just so grateful to be here.

And I’m grateful to you dear reader. Thank you for reading my blog. 

Today's picture is my one marigold flower. I was sure my marigolds had died. They were scaly and dried. We cleaned them up and continued to care for the little bits that were left. Over the last few weeks, they grew back healthier than before. And then this flower showed up with more buds and flowers to come. I feel like the marigolds and I have a little in common. 

Be well,