How to be our own Soul Mate.

Heart shaped leaves in a winter scene.

There are so many of us who desire a soul mate. A Google search of the words “soul mate” generates 230,000,000 results. It seems that many of us want someone in our lives that connects fully with our heart and soul.

For some of us it is one of our soul’s purposes in this lifetime. Some of us are called to do inner work and free our soul from our shadow. We are led by spirit and our intuition to connect with our soul and live a soul-based life. Some of us choose to become our own soul mate.

It doesn’t sound like the fairy tales we hear about soul mates, but what if we did just that? What if we healed, connected with our soul, became our own soul mate, and then, from that energy, we attracted our soul mate?

By becoming our own soul mate, we are living a soul-based life. We are working and living in alignment with our soul’s purposes. We are living our best life, and that attracts a beautiful life. We can then manifest what we are, a soul mate.

Inner Work.

Step one would be to do the inner work, heal the shadow, and uncover our authentic self. There is so much written, and videos made, about how to do the work. That said, it is an individual quest, and one that is entirely unique to each of us. But it seems to be integral to spiritual awakening. It seems to be the point of a spiritual life, to heal and learn to love again.

Inner work begins with an overreaction. (Some call it a “trigger”, but I’m trying to remove weapons related language from my life.) We know when there is something to heal when we overreact to a person, place, thing, or situation. The overreaction comes from our shadow. It comes not from our soul, but from our ego or thoughts. It comes from a place of fear within us. It is a clue that can tell us what needs healing.

When we have awareness of our reaction, we can begin to gently investigate. We can ask ourselves what the reaction is coming from. Remember we are tender in those areas, and we must be kind and gentle with ourselves. The goal is to heal, and healing takes love and tenderness.

Once we find the source of the reaction, we can begin to bring awareness to the situation. Awareness of the situation is the start of healing. We can then begin to approach the situation in a new way. We can allow the old emotions to come up, to be felt, and then healed.

Each of us will have a uniquely different way of healing, and it will be in our own time. But remember, our soul is buried underneath our shadow. To heal our shadow is to free our soul.

Connect with our Soul.

When we first meet someone, we ask questions about who they are and what they like. Our relationship with our soul is no different. We must get to know our soul, connection with our soul, and foster the relationship. With that, we can learn to love our soul.

Begin by asking what our soul wants, what it likes. Begin to communicate using our intuition, the language of the soul. What does a “yes” feel like? What does a “no” feel like? We can ask it anything that a “yes” or “no” can answer. In that way we are beginning to know our soul, and ourselves.

The answers may surprise us when we connect with our soul. We may learn about ourselves in ways that you never knew before. We can rediscover the things we loved before we were burdened by shadow and pain. We can rediscover ourselves at our core, in our soul.

It is a relationship like no other. It is one that we can foster and maintain for the rest of our lives. We can live from our soul instead of living under a blanket of shadow. We can become our own soul mate.

We Attract What We Are.

The law of attraction means that we attract what we are and the frequency at which we vibrate. It makes sense that we would attract a soul mate by being our own soul mate. The more connected we are to our soul the more likely we are to attract people who are also connected to their soul.

Once we are healed and connected with our soul, living from our soul, we are attracting from our soul. We are vibrating at our soul’s level, without the shadow dragging us down. Our soul is attracting what it wants.

Our souls came here to do many things and our purposes can be anything. Some of us are meant to awaken. Some of us came knowing exactly what to do. Some of us, likely most of us, are figuring it out as we go. No doubt many of our souls are here to experience a soul mate, or soul family.

By living from our souls, attracting from our souls, almost anything is possible. We are in alignment with our soul and its purposes. It is a powerful energy to attract from. Think of it this way, we are attracting what our souls want for this life. We are attracting our soul’s purpose.

Soul Free.

We can heal our shadow and set our soul free. We can connect with our soul and create a beautiful soul-based relationship with ourselves. We can become our own soul mate and attract from that very powerful energy. By being our own soul mate, we are attracting a soul mate into our lives.

Today’s image is from Canva.

I’m grateful you’re here. I love you.

Be well, beautiful soul,