Holding Space for Ourselves.

What “Holding Space” Means.

“Holding space” means to be there for someone, without our own input or judgement of them. It’s connecting with another person deeply and allowing them to be exactly who they are, and supporting them in that, without judgment.

We often hold space for our loved ones, families, and friends. We have set aside time, listened, and given our support. We’ve helped them through their challenges simply by being there for them, and they have likely done the same for us from time to time.


Holding Space for Ourselves.

We can also hold space for ourselves. We may be challenged in a way that we don’t want to share, or there may be no one available to us when we want someone to hold space for us. It’s in those times that we can support ourselves by holding space.

We can be there, listening to our inner world, without judgement. We can hold ourselves when we cry and release. We listen and hold space for ourselves while we process the many challenges that our lives can bring.

It may be easier for some of us, hello introverts. For others of us, it may take practice, effort, and even scheduling. No matter how it comes, holding space for us is always worth the time and energy.

While we know the importance of connecting with others, it’s not always practical. Every one of us has our own lives and challenges to navigate. By holding space for ourselves, it creates another means of emotional support and makes us more emotionally self-sufficient.

As with anything, there is a balance that is needed, a balance that includes both external and internal support. We don’t want to cut ourselves off from the emotional support in our lives. We can create a balance that serves us by including holding space for ourselves.


What Holding Space for Ourselves Looks Like.

Holding space for ourselves can look like many things depending on our own challenges, how we process our emotions, and how we conduct our inner world. It can be what we need when we need it because it’s our choice.

When we consider holding space as self-care or self-love, it opens the perspective to include our daily lives. It becomes a beautiful space for us to be and grow without judgement of ourselves. Journaling, meditating, and spiritual rituals are all ways we already hold space for ourselves.

It’s likely that we are holding space for ourselves in many ways. It is even more powerful to do so with intention. By setting the intention that we are holding space for ourselves, it will enrich the time spent beautifully.

What are ways that you hold space for yourself?

Great! give yourself credit for holding space for yourself and your personal and spiritual growth.


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