Healing the Throat Chakra

Finding a Blockage in Energy Healing.

The first time I received energy healing was after my breast cancer surgery and before radiation therapy. I was honoring a promise to myself, to employ spiritual healing was well as medical healing during my breast cancer journey.

In that first energy healing session, the practitioner said that I had a throat chakra blockage. I made a mental note. The session helped my body but ultimately lead to more questions than answers. I moved on with my breast cancer process and allowed the information of the throat blockage to roll around in the back of my mind.

After completing radiation therapy and moving on to healing, I again sought energy healing. This time I chose a different healer, someone that I was connected to at that time. Again, the healing was helpful, and again the practitioner said that I had a throat chakra blockage. I could no longer ignore it or push it off for later. It was time to heal the blockage. It was time to heal my throat chakra.


The Throat Chakra.

Chakra five is the throat chakra and its function is communication, both speaking and listening, and also creativity. If you’re a writer, speaker, singer or anyone who makes a living with your voice, the throat chakra is key to your work and life.

I don’t know how my throat chakra became blocked. It’s likely that it wasn’t one single event but a collection of events throughout my life. I can remember my grandpa telling me that children should be seen and not heard. I remember my mom telling me I was tacky in front of a group of people when I was too young to understand what that word meant. I’ve been ignored in relationships and discounted at work for most of my life. All of that could have contributed to a blocked heart chakra, but it seemed to be from a past life and all of the above.

Regardless of how it happened, I needed to heal that wound. Clear the blockage and use my voice as it was intended to be used, loud and clear. I set out to learn how to clear a throat chakra blockage. I set out to clear my throat blockage.


Clearing and Healing.

The easiest and most common way to clear a block throat chakra is to use it. Singing or chanting, using the throat and generating energy in the throat. Standing up for ourselves can also open it up, especially if we are speaking our truth. We can speak mantra. We can use crystals like turquoise and amazonite. There are several ways to clear and open a blockage, each chakra has its own energy and tools of healing.

As individuals, we each have our own unique needs for healing. With that in mind, I created a healing practice that worked for me, my throat chakra, and my existing spiritual practices. My throat chakra healing included (almost) daily chakra chanting meditation while using crystals. And to balance out that bit of seriousness, I also sang and danced around the house much like I did when I was younger. There is always room for fun in spirituality.

Most mornings, I meditate with a chakra meditation YouTube video. As it moves through the chakra, I hold the crystals that correspond with the chakra. When I get to the throat chakra, I hold turquoise, amazonite, and sometimes my intuition guides me to hold lapis lazuli as well. While chanting, I focus on my throat and the location of the chakra in my throat. I focused my energy on clearing and healing.  

In the beginning, I couldn’t hold the chant in my throat. My voice would waver and crack in the middle. It felt like the blockage was directly in the middle of where I was chanting causing me to cough or stop and restart. I could feel it prevent me from using my voice.

Over time, the chanting practice and singing around the house began to work. I found with practice that the chanting became easier. Then one day, I realized that I could hold the chant without my voice breaking. The sound I made was smooth and clear. I remember expressing gratitude in that moment.

I then realized that I needed to stop talking or thinking about “my throat blockage”. The words that we use are important, that’s why mantras are powerful. I began to refer to “healing” my throat chakra. I dropped the “blockage” language. I was no longer blocked. I was healing.  

The healing didn’t happen overnight. I think it was months before I felt improvement. But I knew it was well-healed when I was able to speak and write exactly what I wanted to speak and write without censoring myself. I held more space for myself. I was able to move past the feelings of my past and move towards my truth.


Chakra Healing for All.

Much of my education about the chakra system comes from a book called Wheels of Life by Anodea Judith PhD. It has been in print since 1987 and has several editions as it’s been updated over the years. The book details all aspects of the chakra system including sounds, crystals, yogic path, crystals, animals, planet, and physical exercises. Mine has notes and bookmarks throughout. It’s a book a refer to over and over.

There is no perfect formula or prescription for chakra healing. I was guided to my healing path by my intuition after some research. You may be guided to something completely different, honor that. It is also something that an energy healer or spiritual healer can help with, if that resonates.

If you are guided to heal, do what resonates for you. Do what calls to you, what speaks to you. Our intuition will always take us where we need to be.


The picture today is mine. I tucked away all the bookmarks for the moment.

Be well,