Healing Inside and Out

Healing Inside.

It started a couple of weeks ago, a countdown of synchronistic numbers and then uncomfortable emotions came to the surface. I took the bait and dove into the emotions to better understand, process, and release them. I was ready to heal.

My cycle of healing is familiar because it’s happened over and over during my spiritual, or as some say, consciousness awakening. I’ve even blogged about it before in Part 12 of my cancer journey posts.

The part that I sometimes don’t know is what exactly is being healed. Sometimes I’m healing an old emotional wound and other times it’s just unhelpful energy that is ready to be released.

Sometimes I don’t understand what’s being healed while I’m in the process, and the healing shows up later as a new perspective, or an old trigger that no longer sparks an emotional response. I have to admit I love it when I realize that I’ve healed a part of me that used to hurt but is now an integrated part of my being without the reactivity.

This time is no different. It was time to heal and this time I was ready even if I didn’t know what’s being healed. I allowed myself to be with whatever was coming up and I offered no resistance. I allowed myself to feel what needed to be felt, move my body to shift energy, cry to release the energy, and lots of self-care support the process.

I woke up today feeling better and my energy is a little lighter, healing is occurring. Synchronicities of repeating 1s and 8s tell me that I’m nearing the end of a cycle. My intuition tells me that this healing cycle is almost complete. I’m relieved, it’s been an emotional couple of weeks.


The Healing Process.

Late one night last week, I was called to write about my healing process in a way that I can share. I hope this helps you navigate your healing. Use it as a guide but adjust for what feels right for you.

The Situation, aka The Trigger. We react, maybe we overreact to a situation or an emotion. When we see it, when we recognize our reactivity, when we recognize our overreaction, it’s ready to heal. Feel it without judgement and allow it to be.

Gently Investigate. Get curious, ask questions to gain a better understanding of the situation, and most of all be gentle and refrain from judgement. We don’t need judgement and it will block our healing. Here are some questions that may help investigate the process.

  •     What is the emotion I’m experiencing?
  •     What am I really expressing?
  •     How does this serve me?
  •     How can I reframe this situation?
  •     What is a new story that serves me better?

What Do we Need in This Moment? Do we need self-nurturing, emotional release, time in nature, solitude, socializing? Take action on self-care. Be intentional with self-care. Do what we are being called to do to help the healing process.

Heal the Wound. We will sometimes know what the wound is by the trigger or by the reactivity. Face it, this is our chance to heal it. It may need processing, reframing, forgiveness, or a new perspective. Journaling serves us by being a place or way to work through and process the wound.

Surrender to the Process. Allow and honor the process of healing. Allow whatever comes up in healing and trust that it is part of the process. We are worthy of healing. We are worthy of clearing the unhelpful energy. We are worthy of being healed and being whole.

We Will Know When We’ve Healed. We will feel lighter and may feel more inner spaciousness. The overreaction will subside, and we will become less reactive overall. Healing feels messy when we’re in it, and beautiful when it’s complete. We are worth feeling healed and whole.


Some of the language sounds dramatic and healing can sometimes feel dramatic. It can also be a slight reframe of the situation that shifts the energy. 

You can do this. Be brave and loving with yourself. You got this.


Healing Outside, a Cancer Journey Update.

As I am still healing from breast cancer, my husband and I prioritized our flu vaccines this year. We talked to our pharmacist and made plans to get the shots last Friday evening. The pharmacist mentioned that we should get our COVID boosters as well. After being reassured that it was safe to receive both at the same time, we got both flu vaccines and COVID boosters.

I was a little concerned about the impact both would have on my body, but it worked out well. Saturday was all about healing from our shots. I had a little chest congestion, a sore arm, and fatigue, but they were mild. We rested, stayed hydrated, massaged our sore arms, supported our immune systems, and healed. 

Sunday, we went for a long walk, 3.2 miles, doing errands in our neighborhood. We were both impressed that my body could handle it. It’s proof that my body is healing. I am so grateful to my body, mind, and soul for healing. I really am healing inside and out.


Healing is possible for all of us. With intention and without judgment, we can heal our wounds and clear out the unhelpful energy that is holding us back from the life we are meant to have.

Be well,


The picture is mine. It’s autumn on my kitchen island.