Go Where You are Pulled

When the house is quiet and you are still, what does that quiet inner voice tell you?

Does it remind you of your friend and you think “I should reach out to them”?

Maybe you don’t hear that quiet inner voice, instead you feel an inner pull towards something new?

Does it tell you to read this book or do that thing?

This is your intuition telling you what the next step of your path is. Follow it.


That quiet inner voice, a whisper, or that pull towards something new is your intuition.

Follow your intuition to where it is telling you to go. Trust it.

Even if it seems unlike you or is something you had never considered before. Go with it.

Your intuition is there to guide you on your path.

Let it guide you.


If you’re not hearing your intuition, try this.  

Get quiet – find a quiet space, quiet your inner critical noise, or meditate

Listen for it – intuition is quiet like an inner whisper or a pull towards something or someone

Notice it – the more you hear it the more you will hear it