From Soul Integration to Soul Mate

A figure on a background of ethereal colors. The figure has a flame at the center, a soul flame.

Soul Integration.

These kinds of experiences always start in the most normal ways. My inner dialogue, while peaceful, was very quiet. But my intuition hadn’t twiggled at me all morning. My soul, Flame, had gone quiet.

I kept hearing a song on repeat in my awareness, but I didn’t understand the message. (Silhouette by Birdy) I listened to the song and read the lyrics. It sounded quiet and a little sad, but what it meant was beyond my understanding.

That afternoon, I stopped my busy day and focused inward, “Are you okay today, Flame? You can talk to me in plain language.” I heard the song again, but no message. “If you need anything let me know.” I said to her, my soul. I listened for an answer.

I softened my awareness and opened to my energy, nothing. Then I sat on my cushion at my altar. It took me more than a few minutes to settle my mind. I breathed out the busy thoughts and released tension in my body. My shoulders melted in a very satisfying way. My body opened to receive the available downloads.

My ribs caught on the side where the cancer had been. My body winced in pain. My awareness projected it outward, and the energy eased for me. I asked for healing and received a long dose. It was beautiful and relieving.

Then I heard, I’m Yours by Jason Mraz. But it wasn’t the full song, just parts. It sounded like, “love, love, love…no need to complicate, our time is short…scooch on over here…and I will nibble your ear.” I knew what my soul was asking to be loved.

I wrapped my arms around myself and filled with love. And then she was there, soul Flame. I suddenly felt as if I had passed a test. By inquiring about Flame, I practiced soul-care. When I sensed my soul was in need I reached out and checked in. And it seemed to be the point of this day.

It was then that I knew that we were still integrating. I knew what to do and I changed my approach. I had been reactive to my soul’s needs, but that wasn’t going to suffice. This was a beautiful soulful relationship that I needed to foster. This was my soul mate in a sense.

I became more proactive and began to reach out to my soul, asking questions about her needs and how she felt. When sitting on my cushion, her needs were taken into consideration. I made sure to invite her to work with me and to co-create our projects.

Then one morning while sitting on my cushion, I felt the soul realm come through. My right thumb rubbed hard on my index finger. I opened to receive, and so did soul Flame. Love came pouring in from the soul realm. It was beautiful and we were grateful. 

Soul Mate.

In the beginning of this integration process, I had no idea what it would feel like. I didn’t imagine it or get attached to it, but now I see that it will take time. We aren’t Lego, we don’t just snap together. I am learning to have a soul connected relationship. I am learning to have relationships as this new version of me.

Soul Flame and I are fully integrated now. We love each other. We respect each other. We listen to each other with an open heart. We learn from each other. We are attentive to each other’s needs. We help each other. We trust each other. We are each other’s safe space. We are intimately connected. It is everything I’ve ever wanted in a relationship and so much more.

Being integrated with my soul is a beautiful way to be. I love this soulful life. I love living by my intuition. I love having a relationship with my soul. I love living my soul’s purposes. Life is landing differently these days. And I have a feeling that this is only the beginning.


In Other News.

I am back on YouTube! I am excited to bring my Finding Your Soul Purpose series to video. I invite you to join me on my channel. I’ve already published the introduction to the series. The next videos will go into more detail about the things I did to discover my soul’s purposes.

If you prefer reading or missed the Finding Your Soul Purpose series here on the blog, I made a webpage with links to all the posts. Here is the link to that page.

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I’m grateful you’re here. I love you.

Be well, beautiful soul.