It's the Fourth of July and I Don't Feel Like Celebrating.

I don’t feel like celebrating the fourth of July. The celebration of the Declaration of Independence is running cold in my veins. In this moment, I can only remember that there are millions of women in our country who do not have the right to their own reproductive freedoms.

Celebrating the freedom of the country doesn’t feel right at this time when women cannot celebrate freedom of their bodies, their lives, and their fates. Celebrating freedom, my ass. Women in the United States are not free. We are suppressed by laws that people say are to protect children. That’s a lie. Those laws control women’s bodies and women’s futures.

Please remember that no matter what laws are passed we are free in our minds and our voices are still free. Do not let anyone make you feel less than or small. Stay strong. Get rest when you need to, get lots of self-care, and then get back out there and fight. And always vote, even in the primaries.  

We will fight. And, if we are lucky, others will fight for us and with us until we can once again have reproductive freedom and control of our destinies.

That’s it. That’s the blog today. Today's image was created in Canva. 

Be well. Be safe.