Finding Your Soul Purpose -
Call Forth Energies Aligned with Your Soul's Purpose

A graphical image of a soul with text that reads "call forth the energies aligned with your path and purpose"

This is a part of a series about “How to Find Your Soul Purpose”. You can read the original post here. In this series I am expanding on each part of the process I used to discover my soul’s purposes as mentioned in the original post. If I can find my soul’s purpose using this process, I know you can too.

While on our quest to discover soul’s purpose, we will need help. We may experience doubts, delays, and many changes. Our path may become confusing, and we may find ourselves at a loss about what to do next. That’s when it’s time to call forth more helpful energy and ask our spirit team for help.

If we know what we need, it’s easy to call forth those energies. We can use affirming language and be grateful for the energies we are calling into our lives. We can ask for what is aligned with our soul’s purpose. We can ask for the next right step. We can ask Spirit for love, support, protection, and guidance. We can pray for whatever we need to move us forward with ease and grace.

Our soul’s purpose is fully supported by our spirit team and universal energies. It is likely that on this path we will be supported and blessed with what is in alignment with our purpose. Ask and you shall receive what is in alignment with your path and purpose.

Ask for the Energies You Want or Need to Continue Your Path to Purpose.

Ask for what you need, be it strength, patience, or hope. Ask for love, support, protection, and guidance. When we know what we need it is easy to affirm, ask for, and be grateful. It is a matter of being aware of what need, connecting with spirit in our own way, and asking for what we need.

Ask in your way, and in your time. The only right way to call forth the energies you need or want on your path is whatever way you communicate with the Divine and your intuition. Affirm in your own words and way. Ask for what you need in your own way. Prayer, words of affirmation, offerings, conversations, are all methods of setting intention. There is no wrong way to connect with Spirit.

What to Ask for When We Don’t Know.

While on our path to purpose, there may be times when we aren’t sure what’s happening or what we need. That’s okay, it happens. Our spiritual paths are sometimes confusing and unclear as we venture into new energy.

When that happens to me, and it has happened many times during my spiritual awakening, I ask for the next right step. We can’t always see our way forward, so asking for the next right step means we are putting our faith in Spirit and setting the intention to move forward.

Whatever it is that will help you navigate the uneasiness, ask for that. Ask for faith, trust, patience. Communicate with your spirit team and co-create what you need. They know our path. They know what we need. Be grateful and keep moving forward.

We Receive Help When we are Aligned with our Soul’s Purpose.

Your spirit team and the universe want you to live your soul’s purpose. They are guiding us forward and will help in any way that they can. That said, we have free will and awareness so asking for what we need is necessary and part of our growth.

The good news is that you will receive the energies that are aligned with you and your purpose. As long as what you ask for is in alignment with your path, you will receive help. Just remember to be careful what you ask for and know that the help may not look like what you expect.

The Divine and universal realms will deliver what we ask for in a way that serves a broader purpose that we may not be aware of yet. But always, always trust the process.


While on our path to purpose we will be fully supported by Spirit. Our purpose is the highest expression of our soul’s work here on earth. Ask for what you need, and it will be provided. Just be careful how you ask and what you ask for.

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I’m grateful you’re here. I love you.

Be well,