How to Find Your Soul Purpose - Bonus Content

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This is Bonus Content as part of the series about "Finding Your Soul Purpose. You can read the original post here. 

As Spirit and I began co-creating this series, it felt great and complete. But throughout the writing of the individual posts, we found there were important components that we felt we wanted to include.

There were many things we did along the way to finding our soul’s purposes that helped and were not part of the process. They are less about “doing” and more about “being”.

Everything with Gratitude.

For as much as I practice gratitude and express my gratitude for everything in my life, I rarely write about it. It is something that is baked into my everyday life, so it’s not something I think to share. But in truth, the more gratitude the better. Every little thing, every big thing, everything that touches our life is something to be grateful for. Gratitude connects us with the Divine and Universal energies.

Not always, but often I will begin my day with a gratitude practice before I get out of bed. For most, not all, downloads and activations I will express gratitude for the energy that I’ve received. For almost every meal I am grateful for the food that nourishes our body, mind, heart, and soul-and all the people who help bring it to our table.

I wasn’t always grateful. I used to be a very negative person. I have experienced phases of my life when I felt that I had nothing to be grateful for. My thoughts and language leaned negative, pessimistic, and generally miserable. It has taken commitment and effort to re-condition, re-train my thoughts and actions. But I did change, so I know it is possible to evolve from pessimism to optimism.

If gratitude is hard to come by for you, it’s okay. Start small. Be grateful for the littlest thing you can find to be grateful for. Use whatever tools or technologies you have available to help you. A gratitude journal, or gratitude reminder can be helpful. Practice gratitude, and over time you will be able to build from there. Remember, gratitude helps to connect us with Spirit.

Self-Care and Self-Nurturing.

Nurture your way through the process of discovering your soul’s purpose. It may be easy. You may already be somewhat aligned with your purpose. But, if you’re like me and are far off the mark, you may experience changes. And changes can be challenging. Nurture your way through the changes.

Think of your goal of discovering your soul’s purpose as your most important project of your life. Your energy impacts your project. Ensuring that you are well cared for and well nurtured is an important facet of your project. And from a spiritual perspective, keeping your vibration high matters.

Self-care and self-nurturing can help you manifest the discovery of your soul’s purpose. It ensures that we are maintaining a higher vibration. It tells Spirit and the Universe that we will care for our blessings well, just like we care for ourselves well. And, for some of us, it is one of our soul’s purposes. 


As we move through changes, we can learn all sorts of things about ourselves. We have new awareness around the choices that we made in the past. Like how we stayed in a career that we didn’t like for far too long and to our detriment. Like I did.

Throughout my entire spiritual awakening, I learned things about myself that still make me shake my head. I conditioned myself to forgive myself for the choices that I made before I had awareness of the motivation or impact. I remind myself that we’ve grown and would make very different choices now. That too, is one of my practices.

Forgiveness can be challenging. It can happen in a rush, or it can take time and practice. It can also create capacity for new energies. Releasing the old barriers is freeing. Forgive what you can, and who you can. Do it for you, for your energy, and to free you to discover your purpose.

Without forgiveness, the road forward continues to include blockages. The act of forgiveness is to release the old energies so that we can move forward. It is not for anyone else. We can forgive others without having to say a word to them. Forgiveness is for us and our energy.

We are Always Doing Our Best.

Every one of us is doing the very best we can in every moment of our lives. It may not seem like it because we are so very human, and we have free will, but we are doing our best. We are always thinking and acting to the current level of our awareness and emotional maturity.

At all times we are behaving to our current level of awareness. We are not perfect beings. We are human and we have free will. We can only do and be what we know to do and be. We are behaving as emotionally maturely as we can and know how to.

Give yourself, and others, as much grace as possible. We are the more evolved being and we can choose a more evolved path. This too is for us and our energy. It is for our wellbeing.

Be Open.

Be open to whatever emerges as you move towards your soul’s purpose. Our purposes may not look like what we expect. It may be related to something we enjoy but never thought to focus on. Our purpose may be something that we loved when we were young but were never encouraged to pursue. It could also be something related to what you’re doing now.

By being open to what emerges and where we are guided, we are saying to the Divine and universal energies “I trust”. We aren’t going to try to control or guide our path forward. We are going to be open to guidance and follow it. We are going to allow our purpose to emerge from within us.

It’s Your Soul’s Purpose, they are in Charge.

We call it our “soul’s purpose” because it is. We are never alone in our quest to discover our purpose. Our soul knows the way. Our soul is in charge. If we are playing football, our soul is the quarterback. If we are a symphony, our soul is the conductor. We need to get out of the way and let it guide us.

We can also create a relationship with our soul and let it flourish. Let it be our guiding light. Create the type of relationship with our soul that encourages the discovery of our purpose. Trust it. Love it. Be so well connected with our soul that there is no other option but to live on purpose.

Listen to the guidance of your soul. Follow it and let it show you, its purpose.

This is the last and final post in this “Finding Your Soul Purpose Series”. It has been a joy to co-create these posts with Spirit and one of my soul’s purposes. May this help you discover your soul’s purpose, or purposes. Bless you and your beautiful soul.

Happy New Year!! May this new year bring you everything you want and more.

I’m grateful you’re here. I love you.

Be well,