Finding Your Soul Purpose -
Astrology Can Guide You

The text reads "Astrology can guide you."

This post is part of a series about “How to Find Your Souls Purpose”. You can read the original post here. In this series I am expanding on each part of the process I used to discover my soul’s purposes as mentioned in the original post. If I can find my soul’s purpose using this process, I know you can too.

What I call the “start” of my spiritual awakening was my astrological natal chart reading. It changed my life. I cannot promise that an astrology chart reading will change your life, and don’t let any astrologer tell you that, but it can guide you towards your soul’s purpose. It is all in our natal chart.

If you’re new to astrology our natal chart is a snapshot of the planetary alignment at the date, time, and place we were born. Our charts can tell us all about ourselves. Our Sun, Moon, and Ascendent placements can tell us a lot about who we are and how we operate in the world. Our Pluto sign and house, and our North Node sign and house can tell us about our soul’s path and purpose.

I’m not a professional astrologer, so do not rely on what I write here. I have studied for years, but I am not a professional astrologer. Please consult a professional astrologer.

I recommend, if you’re serious about finding your soul’s purpose, get your natal chart read by a professional. Set the intention with the astrologer that you are looking to gain understanding about your soul’s purpose. By reading your chart they can provide insight into possible directions to explore. Astrology can help guide you towards your soul’s purpose.

A Professional Astrologer Can Focus on Your Soul’s Purpose.

Any professional astrologer should be able to read your chart for your soul’s purpose. It may not be in detail. It won’t tell you where and when. But it should provide the guidance and direction you need or maybe some confirmation that you are on the right track.

Set the intention with the astrologer when you make the appointment. An astrology reading always needs a focus, question, or intention. You will likely have a better experience by being clear about what you are coming to the reading for, such as your soul’s purpose.

When I got my natal chart read, I asked to focus on my career. At the time I wasn’t concerned about my soul’s purpose or my spiritual path. I had yet to realize my spiritual awakening. Despite that I walked out of there with a clear direction in the form of two words “trust and write”. A year later I started writing this blog. It is one of my soul’s purposes.

Pluto’s Sign and House.

The planet Pluto represents our soul’s intention and how we are to evolve in this life. The sign, house, and perhaps the degree where Pluto is found in our chart can help us understand our path in this life. An astrologer can help us understand the placements and we can interpret them and how they align in our life.

For example, my natal Pluto is in Virgo in the fourth house. I interpret my soul purpose as being here to heal emotionally. Combine that with my Mercury in Pisces, part of my path is to write about my healing and spiritual awakening.

North Node Sign and House.

The North Node in astrology represents our path to fulfill our soul’s purpose. It represents our growth in this life. It can tell us how we move forward and what we are to learn. It shows us our challenges and rewards.

For example, my natal North Node is in Taurus in my eleventh house. I’m here to learn to love myself. To do that I had to overcome self-neglect and abuse. It wasn’t easy, but I did it. It was aligned with the energies in my chart. It was one of my soul’s purposes.

Another take away from my North Node in Taurus in my eleventh house, I had to learn to trust the gifts that I carry within me. It also encourages me to be playful and joyful. It tells me to use my creative gifts for a larger purpose. It is how I know that writing about my spiritual awakening and helping others find their soul’s purpose is one of my purposes.

South Node Sign and House.

At the opposite point of the North Node is our South Node placement. It represents issues and karma that we are to evolve through in this life.

My natal South Node is in Scorpio in the fifth house. As it resonates with me, it represents transformation through creativity. My path was destined to be what it is, a path of transformation and writing about it, or creating videos. My path was always going to be about sharing my spiritual transformation.


Astrology is not as simple as I make it sound, but it does have the ability to guide us forward on our path to find our soul’s purpose. A professional astrologer can provide you with clues and guidance as to your path and purpose. And, always, it is about what resonates with you and your soul's purpose.

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I’m grateful you’re here. I love you.

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