Finding My Way Forward

I haven’t always been a spiritual person. For most of my adult life, I was what I call, a “corporate grinder”. The long days and giving of myself was gratifying for a long time, until it wasn’t. The timing of it all is a blur, but one day I realized that I needed to change my career. And that’s when my spiritual life began, it just took me a little while to figure it out.


This past Saturday, I had lunch with a friend. I made sure to bring my tarot cards, hoping my friend would want a reading. We talked, ate, and I gave them a tarot reading. It was so much fun. After the tarot reading, my friend had more questions and asked if I would provide an intuitive message. In the restaurant, at our table, I tapped in with my spirit guides and was able to provide some answers. That is my life these days and that is my work.

A few hours later, while relaxing at home, Mom Spirit came to me with a message. “We are proud of you.” The conversation was filled with praise for moving forward on my path. This is the work I was born to do. This is the work my soul was contracted to do. This the life that I am meant to be living. If I needed further confirmation about my life path, this was it.

I was overcome with gratitude and emotion, but not tears. I’ve shed so many tears while healing and releasing old, junky energy from my body. It is finally time to move out of healing and into my new career and new life. It is time to serve the collective and my soul mission.

Moving Forward.

It has taken me years, and some trial and error, to realize my soul mission. When working with my spirit team, I would ask for whatever is my best interest or on my highest timeline. I had no idea where it would take me or what I would do, I just surrendered to spirit and let them guide me forward.

I write that as if it were easy, but it was a long, slow, sometimes tedious process. My spiritual path has been filled with as many gifts as challenges. My spiritual path was sometimes very lonely. I knew no one else that was experiencing what I was, and I was isolated by either the pandemic or breast cancer.

It makes me wonder how many other people are waking up, having spiritual experiences, and wondering, “What the fuck is going on?” and thinking, “No one will believe me if I tell them!”. How many people out there are on their path alone and without support? How many people are experiencing things that they can’t tell the people in their family or friends? We are all experiencing our paths alone.

We experience consciousness when our soul is ready to start that journey. The odds of someone else in our family or friends waking up at the same time as us is…improbable. We are almost always alone on our path, but there are people who can help assist and guide us forward. I’m going to be one of those people who help.

My experience, my awakening, is valuable experience that I can use to help others experiencing spiritual awakening, or while on their path. The development of my spiritual and intuitive gifts is valuable experience that I can use to help others while their gifts develop.

So, you can kind of see where I’m going with this. I am going to start a spiritual consulting business. My intention is to leverage my spiritual gifts to assist people on their path. Using my emotional intelligence, intuition, tarot, mediumship, and my gift of healing; I intend to help people one their path.

All that said, I need a minute to get the business side put together. Spirit is telling me that more gifts are coming so, as confident, and ready as I feel today, I still may need to adjust. I’m just going with the flow. As soon as I open my spiritual consulting practice, I will let you know.

I am grateful for you and your beautiful energy, dear reader.

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Be well,