Finding Bliss Again

Sunrise over a distant city.

Resting and Finding Bliss Again.

After the recent cycles of intense energy, dark nights, and rebirth, I experienced a period of rest. I was exhausted body, mind, heart, and soul. I followed guidance and spent a couple of days on the sofa resting and healing. The quiet rest was lovely.

Instead of pushing through and moving forward, I allowed myself to rest for days. And instead of overthinking or shaming myself for not doing “enough”, I binge watched Netflix shows. I didn’t think. I didn’t feel. I allowed myself to just be. Spirit too, allowed me to just be, for a while.

By the middle of the second day of rest, I began to receive downloads again. They came flooding in. The energy was intense as was the kriya. Spirit and I were getting back to work, and that included our financial resources.

I am truly grateful for, and to, the people who donated to help me. Your generous donations helped me restore the flow of financial abundance. Once the finances began to move, tax returns came in, unemployment funds came through, and now the rent is paid. I am so very grateful to have a sense of security again, even if it is an illusion in the broad view of things.

Self-care and rest are still the priority. My knee is still healing from the fall and I’m still quite tired, so I continue to rest. It’s important, especially when the work is intense, to balance it with whatever self-care is needed. Rest allows my body to heal and integrate. It’s the only way to get through some of the more intense energy downloads and releases.

With my balanced energy, I began to experience bliss while sitting in power. It is a deep connection with my inner Divinity. It is a perfect moment of spiritual energy. It’s not the first time I’ve experienced it, and I am getting better at working with this beautiful energy.

What is Bliss and How I Manifest More?

I see bliss as a frequency above joy and peace, and quite near enlightenment. It is those moments when we connect with our own inner Divinity. When we are in a frequency of a balanced flow with ourselves and with spirit.

I remember when I first experienced bliss, I didn’t have a word for it. It was a beautiful new emotion for me. If not new then one I hadn’t experienced in a long time, or in the way I do now. But somewhere along the way I heard someone describe it the way I do, a deep awareness of our inner Divinity.

It is amazing to experience bliss and I want to affirm to cultivate more. One way that I do that is to call it what it is. When I’m in the frequency of bliss, I say, “grateful for bliss”. Sometimes I can even feel the rockets of desire beam from my heart space and into the vortex. This ensures that I continue to manifest the energy of bliss.

Like everything else, bliss is co-created. We affirm it and express gratitude for it, and Spirit and the universe must respond. It’s how it all works. What we put into the world is what we get back, which means we manifest more bliss. And, with that energy, we can manifest our next phase of life with more bliss.

The image used is from Canva. 

I’m grateful you’re here. I love you.

Be well, beautiful soul,