Finding Alignment

A plant pot shaped as a woman's face peacefully sleeping. There are various succulent plants growing from the top of her head.

It was one of those days. I was tired and fatigued from…life. I sat in meditation and felt into the fatigue. In my mind, I heard “deep tired”. I needed rest. The day before I was guided to go out on this day, but I couldn’t do it. I needed to honor my need for rest.

I didn’t want to follow guidance and go on a mission. So, I didn’t. Instead, I told spirit that I was tired and that I needed to take care of my body. I set the intention of having a quiet day and I honored my body’s need for rest.

I didn’t expect the synchronicity that happened next. I received the number, 917. It was 9:17 am. My intuition confirmed it. For me, that number means “complete alignment.” Spirit was telling me that by making that choice to refuse the mission and focus on rest, I was in complete and total alignment. I had refused a mission and found alignment. I didn’t know it worked that way.

I understand now that “alignment” means that I am energetically aligned with my soul intention and my purpose. I am making the choices that are right for me. That can mean different things on different days. It’s not always about going out on the missions or doing as asked. Sometimes it means knowing what I need in that moment and choosing me first.

No doubt, alignment will look different for each of us. We each have different paths and purposes. We are each in different places on our paths and purposes. No two paths are the same and no two experiences are the same. And alignment may not look like what we expect it to look like. 

For me, "alignment" means that I’m feeling all emotions, doing inner work, taking great care of myself, and honoring my own needs. It sounds so simple, but this represents growth for me. Prior to my awakening, I was grinding, struggling, stressing. So, honoring my needs is alignment for me. It is part of my path. I’ve manifested alignment.

Through this experience I learned that being in alignment doesn’t mean we’re blissfully happy every day. It means that we are acting in our best interests. It means that we are acting according to our soul and spirit. It means that we are making choices based on what we need body, mind, heart, and soul.

What does alignment look like for you?

Today’s image is mine and was captured at the Denver Botanic Gardens.

I’m grateful you’re here.

I love you.

Be well,