Ever Quit a Manifestation Practice?

An image of a head with butterflies flying from the top.

We may feel like quitting, giving up. That thing, situation, or way of being we are trying to manifest, just isn’t coming to fruition. And rather than suffer through the effort, we’d rather just stop putting ourselves through the disappointment. We feel like giving up. Sometimes we do give up. Let go of the vision and end our practice.

I get it, I’ve been there myself. I’ve been able to manifest some really great things, and ways of being. Mostly I’ve manifested a new mindset, healing of my shadow and trauma. But I didn’t see my goals or vision coming to fruition. I thought I was doing the work and that my manifestation wasn’t coming.

I questioned my practice, my dedication to the practice. I questioned my intentions. And, worst of all, I questioned Spirit. It was frustrating and I was struggling. But I’ve grown and changed so much over the past few years and I things differently now. My spiritual and psychic experiences have changed the way I see the world. I also have the benefits of having been in my awakening process for four years.

Now, and only in hindsight, I see that I was manifesting the steps to get me to my big goals. They didn’t look like manifestations. Sometimes they looked like shopping trips or energy work. Each step brought growth and/or healing. And with each step, I was closer to my goal energetically and materially.

And here’s where it gets magical. The individual steps we manifest weave together the changes we need to get in alignment with our soul intention, with our big goals, with what we need to experience, and what we love. We have so many experiences on our spiritual path which is way so much of it is realized in hindsight.

Now I understand that I am manifesting all of it, my goals and the visions for my life. One step at a time. Every bit of energy work and inner work, every new awareness of growth, and healing is all serving my path. And in that way, it is my manifestation coming to fruition, one step at a time.

We are often encouraged to enjoy the journey. And I think I get it now. The journey, those steps, are the thing. We are always on our path. We may not be in alignment with our soul intention, but we are always on our path.

And now I’m learning to take a breath and enjoy it a little more. When you really think of it, we can spend far more time on the journey than we do with the goal. If we’re enjoying that journey, that energy is in service of our goal. Every spark of good, high vibrational energy will help our path and help us reach our goal. That’s what we’re manifesting.

There were times during the past few years when I felt like things were never going to change and that I wouldn’t manifest my larger goals or realize my vision for my life. I now know that we’re always manifesting our life experience. It happens one step at a time.

Don’t give up, just shift your perspective.

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I’m grateful you’re here. I love you.

Be well,