Energy Work and Aging in Reverse

Snow on branches and red berries

The generic term that I use for much of my work with Spirit is “energy work”, but it's more than that. The “energy work” that I refer to is channeling. I channel with my Spirit team almost every day and we’ve worked on many things such as gifts, healing, and upgrades.

In these channels with Spirit. I’ve learned to channel, received spiritual gifts, received healing, and attended spiritual school to learn how to make the most of these blessings and gifts. I’ve also received support, guidance, and love from my Spirit team. The energy work has changed me physically, emotionally, and spiritually.

Energy Work.

It started with me marveling at the energy that I was experiencing while sitting at my desk at home one night. I felt in my hands begin to tingle, then Spirit guided me to play with it and then to open the energy. I then went into the energy, into the channel.

I had no idea what the energy was at the time, but I trusted as much as I could, and the work continued. Spirit continued to allow me to channel. I began to receive messages, spiritual gifts, and then healing, so much healing.

With the energy work my body has thrashed, contorted, and moved around in such a way that I felt my core muscles become stronger. I felt like it was changing my posture and strengthening me overall. I realized that my spiritual awakening was changing me physically.

When my kundalini awakening began, I received deep healing. My body moved in new ways and my core became toned with the snake like movements that the healing energy brought.

The kundalini healing energy accompanies most of the energy work, they are co-workers. They are so intertwined that I noticed that as I journaled, I glossed over the work of the kundalini.

They were almost always a pair, unless what I received was an energetic upgrade. As I was doing the inner work, Spirit was helping me with the energy work, and kundalini energy was doing the deep healing. My inner world was changing and evolving as was my energy body. My physical body needed to be upgraded.

Much of the energy I received was healing, but I also received upgrades. My energy body expanded in talent and capacity; upgrades were part of the progress. When I asked Spirit about the energy I’m receiving, if the answer is “upgrades”, the answer is usually delivered in a song. I heard “Upgrades! Upgrades! Upgrades!”, as if Beyonce were singing it in my brain. We’d do a little dance, Spirit and I, and we laugh.

Lately, the energy work has evolved again. Yes, I still receive new information, healing, “Upgrades! Upgrades! Upgrades!”, and now I receive physical therapy. And, oh wow, my body is changing.

Recently, the energy work has included stretches to my hips and lower back. The inner work that I was doing was related to the first and second chakra, centers of material stability and feminine energy. While channeling, I would be guided to lie down with my hips and knees bent 90 degrees. Sometimes they would have me place a pillow under me so that I could stretch my back more deeply.

Occasionally there would be a realignment of my lower back that I injured in high school. The energy shifting in my body released intense sadness. I saw images of younger versions of me sad and crying. Grade school me sad and crying. High school me crying. Thirty-year-old me crying.

The emotional and physical work that Spirit and I were doing allowed me to release a lifetime’s worth of sadness. It was challenging and beautiful work. And now, my back and hips feel better than they have in…forever. I don’t remember them feeling so free and loose as they do now. The changes in my body are remarkable and unmistakable.

Aging in Reverse.

It has been in recent months that I realized that my body is feeling better than it has in longer than I can remember. It feels better than it ever has, better than before cancer and better than before the cancer began growing in my body. I feel better than I felt before the pandemic, but that was easy because before the pandemic I had burned out in my corporate career, twice.

I feel younger, healthier, and more vibrant than I have in years. My body aches less. My core is toned. Part of feeling better is that I feel more fully recovered from cancer, but its more than that. I feel better than I ever have.

All the inner work, energy work, and healing seems to have released long held traumas in my body. Aches and pains of accumulated physical and emotional trauma haven’t been erased completely, but they are lessened, changed.

Almost everything about me has changed as I’ve shed the external conditioning and have aligned more with my soul and truest expression of me. This is what I’m supposed to feel like, light.

My energy is lighter. My body is lighter. My mood is lighter. My awakening has been a journey in shedding and releasing. The result is that I feel younger, healthier, and happier than I can ever remember feeling before. I’m at peace and calmer than I’ve ever been. Years of awakening, energy work, kundalini awakening, and healing have unleashed a younger version of myself.

I swear I’m aging in reverse, and it feels great. I am so very grateful. If you get the opportunity to awaken, 10/10 would recommend. 

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The image today is from Canva. It’s been snowing here in Denver, so I haven’t been out much to take my own pictures.

I'm grateful you're here. 

Be well,