Doing the Work

“Yay! More work” said no one ever. No one needs more work. What we need is more ease and inner peace in our lives.

But what if doing a little work gets us to more ease and more inner peace? Then would you want to do the work?

Because that’s what doing the inner shadow work is. It’s doing a little work that brings more inner spaciousness, more ease in our lives and more inner peace.  


What is inner work?                                                                                                                              

It’s exploring our inner thoughts and areas of our lives where we feel resistance, stuckness, or negativity. Identifying areas that are accessible to us or indicating that it’s time to clear them up. And then, accepting it, feeling it, processing it and releasing it. That’s what doing the work is. It’s feeling our emotions and releasing them.

Feeling the things that we’ve not allowed ourselves to feel for whatever reason. It could be feelings about how we were raised, or our relationships, or how we feel about our careers, or parenting. It could be feelings that we didn’t even know we had.

To simplify it, it’s feeling all the feels. It’s opening our hearts, and heart chakras, to the experience of our lives.


Step by Step

Bringing a curious and non-judgmental awareness to our inner thoughts. The exploration is our way into our inner self. Journaling and meditating are ways to explore. We are often already aware of what needs work.

Accepting the situation as it is with kindness and without judgement. Accepting doesn’t mean allowing, it means, letting it be what it is without judgement. It is what it is. The situation is what it is.

Identifying the areas available to us to do the work. Not every area is accessible. We only work on what is available to be worked on without judgment.

Feel it to heal it. It’s a well-worn phrase because it’s true. We have to feel and process our emotions. It’s so important to our wellbeing.

Releasing it and deep self-care. Whether that is journaling, meditation, yoga, a hot salt bath, or a spa day, we need a little time to heal as unhelpful energies are released.  


After the Work

Once all the emotions are felt, they move through and out. There may be physical symptoms such as aches and pains, changes in sleep patterns, or eating patterns, or mild flu-like symptoms. Self-care will help us through the physical symptoms of releasing the energy of emotions.

One day, the same or similar emotions may come out to play again, but we will know how to approach them. And they will likely be less intense because we’ve already felt and processed them.

What’s left is an inner spaciousness. Ease and inner peace.

And then, later on when the next area is available to work on, we know what to do. And this time will be different, we have experience, know what to expect and know how to do the work.


If it’s time for you to do the work. Contact me, please consider me a resource. I will hold space for you to explore and do your own inner shadow work.