Developing Resilience and Finding My Way Forward

A dirt path through a lush tropical forest.

I am in a new phase in my spiritual awakening. The energy I channel has evolved and so have I. Recently we have been working on my energetic resilience. Alongside that work, I’m beginning to understand who I am now in this phase of my life and what fulfills me.

Developing Resilience.

One noticeable change in this new phase is in the work that we were doing while channeling. I started being guided to receive and release energy while in public. It was shocking to me at first, but I went with it. On trains and buses, it was easy. I was relaxed, and the bumpy ride camouflaged my body movements.

This happened several times before I realized that we were working on my energetic resilience and my ability to receive and release energy anywhere and anytime. It also felt like we were calibrating the energy to and within my body. I knew this was important work. It felt purposeful without knowing of any outcome or result.

Next, I began to channel and receive downloads while shopping at the grocery store, while on a walk, and while at a restaurant. At first, I was nervous that someone would notice my body movements and think I was sick or that something was wrong. Of course, that never happened. No one noticed as my body gently shook, twiggled, or as I closed my eyes for a moment.

I know that there are people who channel spirit without their body thrashing like mine used to and still can do sometimes. I’ve seen people channel and be connected to spirit while talking to people or making a presentation. Is this what I am being prepared for? I have no idea what this is all leading to, but I do know that I am loved, guided, and protected. For now, that’s enough.


Finding My Way Forward.

Throughout the process of building my energetic resilience, I’ve come to realize that I’m also being set free in a way. I’m being sent out into the world and feel newly born and vulnerable. I’m being guided to discover myself as I am now, this version.

There are times when I feel like I’m finding my way forward step by step. Then there are times when I feel like I am re-learning who I am now. And there are times, like today, when I’m confused and experience the old doubts and fears.

Who am I now after my spiritual awakening? What fulfills me now? What do I need more of in my life? How can I generate an income in a way that fulfills me and sets me free? How do I move forward in my career? These are the questions that I am learning to answer for myself.

And as for the old doubts and fears, I keep releasing that energy and affirming that I am where I need to be, how I need to be, and who I need to be. I am in, my life is in, Divine and perfect timing.

My awakening has shown me that the way I lived before was not fulfilling. There are some things, threads that have run through my awakening process, that are clues to who I am and what I love. Writing, taking care of my home, spending time outdoors, studying astrology, and cooking are all things that fulfill me. Beyond that I am still learning about myself, developing resilience, and finding my way forward. 

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I’m grateful you're here. I love you.

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