Developing Optimism

A snowy river scene; a man and his dog fishing in the river.

Years ago, when I was still a financial analyst, I had a boss who would tell to be more optimistic. He said it as if it was an easy thing to do. Optimism was one of the values of the company, so it was important to my career, he said. At the time though, it was far from my reality. It just wasn’t a thing for me, I was miserable.

I was operating with pessimism and without hope for…anything, and for a long time. I was unhappy in my career and in my personal life. All I did was work. All my time was spent enriching people who didn’t care for me that much. I was burned out, drained of my life force. Optimism wasn’t available to me. I didn’t live or think in a way that developed or encouraged it.

Much has changed since those conversations. Fast forward seven years and I am now a very different person. I no longer work myself to exhaustion to ensure the CFO generates the required shareholder growth. I am writing, creating, and being me. I am doing the things that I love to do, for me and by me. It sounds simple on the surface, but it took a lot of work and energy.

I made my evolution my priority above all else. As a chronic over giver, putting myself first was a huge step forward and major growth. I still remind myself, “me first, me first, me first”. My needs come first. I’m sure to many that seems like a foreign concept, but truly I used to put my needs last on the list. If I had time or energy after making sure everyone else was cared for, I then would put energy into myself…if I had any left.

It didn’t happen overnight; it took years to evolve and become a new version of myself. I put myself first. I was going to be the biggest project of my life before I even knew what that would look like. And that’s how all this awakening and change began. I prioritized me.

Putting myself above others, and meeting my own needs first, then allowed me to relax into my life and grow emotionally. Over time, I began to deepen my understanding of what I needed. And, with that understanding, I was able to thrive. And thriving, meant I was able to develop optimism. And now, I am able to be optimistic.

No matter what is going on in your life, allow your needs to come first if they don’t already.

Know that with intention and energy, you will evolve and grow. It is inevitable.

Have faith that the work you are putting in now will pay off. And remember, in the Universe, nothing is wasted.

The image in this post is mine. I went out for a snowy and cold walk last week in downtown Denver. (The tall buildings are on the other side of the river.) The gentleman in the lower right-side quadrant was fishing. Fishing…in January…in downtown Denver…now that’s optimism!

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Be well,