Crying for Days

A line drawing of two women with their heads lowered in sorrow.

As we journey through our spiritual awakening, we can experience many emotions. Focusing on inner work guarantees that we’ll dig around in our shadow aspects and uncover areas to heal. And as is said, we have to feel it to heal it. Once healed, the energy can then be released.

There may be periods of time when we are expressing emotions as pure energy without awareness of the purpose. We may cry to release energies that we may not understand. We may just need to feel things and release energies long stuck in our bodies. Whether we cry, set intentions, or practice energy hygiene, old energies will be released when we are ready.

This Past Week.

I made a vow to myself-early in my awareness of my awakening process-to feel every emotion. I knew that I had to feel it to heal it. What I didn’t know was that 50 plus years of living built up a lot of stored traumas. I also didn’t know how much energy it was going to take to do the work.

I have spent the better part of this past week crying. It wasn’t constant, but it was enough to concern me. Imagine one of those movie montages with the lead character crying spontaneously over and over as they went about their day. That was me this past week.

What could I do but honor the vow I had made to myself and feel it all? I surrendered and allowed myself to have an epic cry. I set the intention to release it all. I wanted to cry and release whatever energies were being released through my tears. If I was going to cry for days, I wanted it to be effective.

As the days passed there were no answers for my tears, and I wanted some. I sat with Spirit and talked about it. I expressed concern, confusion, fear, sadness, loneliness. I expressed every emotion I had within me. Nothing was hidden as I confided in Spirit. I surrendered to the process. And I continued to cry.

I was blessed with support so that I wasn’t crying alone. My family in spirit was with me. They showed up for me, held me, and said things that would either encourage me or encourage another flood of tears. It was the most supported I’ve felt in my entire life.

There was angelic support as well. Numerical synchronicities reminded me to stay on course. Other numbers encouraged me and still others let me know that I was in alignment with my path and soul purpose. Even as I cried, synchronicities let me know that cycles were closing, and all was well. I was in alignment and fully supported as I cried for days.

On Friday it seemed to peak. I cried for a time and then began to accept the process and the purpose. I had been carrying the heaviness of decades of unexpressed emotions. It was time to let it all go. And it was all coming out in my tears.

The Weekend.

I’m not sure if it was the intention I set, or maybe I was just done, but the tears did subside. My energy calmed and I felt the storm pass. I found my way back to inner peace.

It felt like it had all passed until Saturday morning in meditation. The tears began again as I expressed gratitude for the process and the completed cycles. The tears came and went quickly. Then, in a rush of energy, a powerful download brought clarity.

In an instant I saw my future path. I was shown the desires of my heart and soul, and what they are manifesting for us. It was beautiful. With the release of the old came the new. A new phase of life is coming for me, and it is beautiful.

Crying for Days.

On our spiritual path we feel things. We experience changes, grow, heal, and release the old. While releasing the old energies we can find love, support, protection, and guidance. And while in the in between we can find acceptance. We can surrender to the current experience and trust that it is a part of our path. Even if that means crying for days.

The image is from Canva.

I’m grateful you’re here. I love you.

Be well, beautiful soul,