Closing Down and Changing Dreams

Two representations of the Fool card from tarot.

Closing Down.

Last Tuesday, I was in a funk. The day started beautifully with the sun streaming in the windows. I had my usual mug of hot lemon and honey, and a little pot of green tea. Meditation was next, some indoor gardening, and then breakfast tacos. Later in the morning, I wrote for a while.

It was a lovely morning, but then as morning turned into afternoon, my energy dropped. My vibration sunk like a stone. I became aware of my mood, my energy. And, with awareness, I decided to make changes and shift my energy.

Movement and nature always raise my vibration and I hadn’t been moving my body much lately. It was then that I remembered that I needed to get groceries and without them there would be slim pickens for dinner. I got my ass up and got ready.

After dodging icy sidewalks and puddles to secure dinner, I decided to go the fitness center for a walk on the treadmill. I put on my “songs from Spirit” playlist; every song that Spirit has played for me and is the most eclectic, best playlist I have; and walked a couple of miles. It was exactly what I needed to improve my vibration.

The energy work started as soon as I got home, and it continued on and off for a few hours. Once on my meditation cushion, the message was clear, I had energy that was ready to be released. I began releasing energies of the situation. And then I became aware of what energy, what situation, I was releasing. I was releasing attachment to my business.

It is time for me to close my consulting business.

My heart wasn’t in it. It’s not what I want to do. And to be crystal clear, if it was what I was meant to do, it would feel right. It doesn’t and I’m sad it doesn’t, but consulting isn’t in alignment with me at this time in my life.

I’ve shut down the web page and changed my social media headers. My consulting business is closed as of now. It’s never an easy decision to close a business, and this is the second business I’ve closed since 2021, so it stings a little more. But I know it’s the right thing to do for me because of how I feel.

I feel hopeful. This shift allows me to move closer to what is in alignment with this current version of me. It allows me to move closer to my new dreams. It allows me to manifest what’s next for my life.

It is amazing what realizations and awareness can come from shifting our energy and releasing what’s ready to be released. Our dreams can change, or at least our awareness of our dreams can change in a moment.

Changing Dreams.

I’m allowing the dreams for my life to change. I’m allowing old dreams of serving clients to close and new dreams to begin to manifest. I am following my intuition, the nudges, and gentle pulls. My dreams are changing and I’m changing with them.

It’s amazing to me how many times my dreams have changed during my awakening. This awareness reminds me to stay flexible within my life as I listen to my intuition and allow it to guide me forward towards new dreams.

One dream that I have is to travel around the country and the world to sacred or energetically important sites. I want to experience them with my current energy and spiritual gifts. I want to experience channeling, mediumship, and energy healing at these sites. There are vortexes, sacred valleys, and mountains full of crystalline energy that I want to visit.

I’m curious and I want to explore spiritual sites, experience the energy, and share it all with my readers and viewers. That’s my dream.

For now, I have no immediate plans other than to continue writing this blog and creating YouTube videos. I do have intentions, goals, and faith. Spirit and I have been working on some things and in Divine timing they will manifest. For now, I’m enjoying the journey.


Today’s image is mine. The Fool card in tarot represents the beginning of the journey and it represents how I feel currently. The card on the left is from the Tarot of the Cosmic Seed deck. The card on the right is from the Rider-Waite-Smith tarot.

Be well,