Clearing Karma

The Next Phase.

As my awakening has progressed, I’ve noticed a pattern of phases and cycles. Lately, I’ve been experiencing a new phase of clearing karma. It is both simple and profound. Clearing karma is the act of acknowledging lessons and setting the intention to clear it so it’s not repeated.

A few months ago, I didn’t know we could clear our own karma. I thought it was something that we had to do in the course of our lives, an action. But recently I found that it was as simple as acknowledging the lesson with intention.  

If you’re like me and didn’t realize how powerful it is to clear the karma, I will share the process that I’ve been using lately. Yes, I said “using”. Like many things in spirituality, it’s a practice more than a quick fix. So, I’ve been doing the work and repeating the process as needed.


Receiving Guidance.

It wasn’t something I sought. I didn’t know to clear karma. It kept coming into my awareness, clearing karma, clearing akashic records. It was a sign I felt I couldn’t ignore, and my intuition wouldn’t let it go. I allowed my curiosity to dig in and I began exploring what it meant to clear karma.


When the Student is Ready the Teacher Appears.

After a quick search on YouTube, I found a video by someone I trust as a spiritual teacher. I’ve mentioned her before in blog, likely more than once, Christina Lopes. In her video titled, “Top 10 Signs of a Karmic Relationship” published on April 19th, 2022, she discusses the process to clear karma. She must have known I was coming.

The video includes a three-step process for clearing karma. Yes, the video is about karmic relationships, but the clearing process can work with any karma that we’re ready to clear. I applied her karma clearing process to many other types of relationships and situations that were not relationships.


Clearing Karma.

Again, these steps were presented by Christina Lopes, and I used them to help me clear various types of karma from all types of relationships and situations. Her three steps are becoming aware, clearing and integrating, and taking action. I detail them below.  

1.      Becoming aware. Acknowledging the patterns of behavior and the lessons learned. In the video Christina Lopes says that awareness represents 85% of the healing process. It’s an important step and she shares journal prompts that help with clarity.

2.      Clearing and integrating. Performing a clearing ceremony. I didn’t perform a ceremony as much as I poured my heart and soul into my journal. I used the sentence that Lopes provided in her video, “I clear the karma of _______ in all directions of time and planes of existence now.” I also took her advice and affirmed, “I receive and integrate these lessons and dissolve the need to repeat them again.” She also recommends that we ask our guides for assistance, but I forgot to ask but believe they are aware. How could they not be?

3.      Take action. In the video she talks about taking action and leaving the relationship. Because I was clearing all sorts of karma and not just a karmic romantic relationship, this didn’t apply to my process.

Lightening Up.

After my journaling my karma clearing, I felt energetically lighter. I held that feeling acknowledging the forward progress. And of course, I expressed gratitude for the guidance and learning to clear karma. In the days since, I’ve repeated the process and continue to experience lighter energy.  

Throughout my awakening and spiritual life, I’ve wondered if I’m doing it right. It took me a while to learn that yes, we are doing it right. If it resonates and feels right for us, it is right. There is no rule book. We are guided to what’s best for us. For me, this karma clearing exercise felt right.

I feel transformed. Not in a so-big-everyone’s-going-to-notice way, but in a my-inner-life-has-changed-and-thus-my-outer-world-will-change-from-this-day-forward way. Clearing karma is a beautiful thing.

If you are drawn in a certain direction or towards a thing, follow your intuition. Trust that your intuition is taking you where you and your soul need to go next.


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Be well,