Breaking Out and into Energy Healing

On Thursday I woke to an 80’s song on full volume. I looked around to see where it was coming from and quickly realized it was in my head. Like a teenager blasting music too early in the morning, spirit got my attention.

"When explanations make no sense

When every answer’s wrong

You’re fighting with lost confidence

All expectations gone

The time has come to make or break

Move on, don’t hesitate


Breakout, Swingout Sister 1987

The message was undeniable. Today was the day. It was time to put plans into action. It was time to break out of my “old” energy and into “new”. I was being encouraged to move forward. And instead of having the old doubts and fears, I got out of bed ready to do the thing that we had been working towards.

In spiritual school, many of the lesson have been about trusting my gifts. When I began to trust my gifts, the lessons became about using my gifts. That’s what I did on Thursday, I used my gifts. I channeled healing energy and recorded it for my YouTube channel.

Friday, the videos were published, and I felt a little anxious. I put aside the anxious energy and decided to let it go and let it flow. The videos did well, and I was and am grateful.

Saturday evening, I was back in spiritual school with the Ascended One. My report card was “much improved”. They were happy with my progress. The energy work was intense. I was told that I was receiving an upgrade. Following my intuition and guidance, sharing, and using my ability to channel healing energy, was being rewarded.

Sunday, I learned that stepping into this new kind of healing was radical acceptance of myself. All the inner work, the energy work, the spiritual school, all of it has brought me to this new phase of my life and career. I am moving forward into a new phase of energy work and healing.

In hindsight, my entire spiritual awakening has been about healing. I am not perfectly or entirely healed (is that even possible?), but I’m healed enough to move forward into the next phase of my life. Healing body, mind, and spirit has been my journey.

I work with energy. I am a healer. My goal with the new work is to help people maximize their own healing process. Maybe the best part is that it’s just the beginning. I’m just beginning to break out and I’m looking forward to what is to come.

I invite you to join me on my YouTube channel to discover energy healing, or to continue your healing path.

The picture today is mine, of me and my healing hands.

Be well,