A Visit from Universal Energies and a Timeline Shift

On background of an image of the universe is a line drawing of a woman leaning into her right shoulder.

After I finished and published Part 4 in my Finding Your Soul Purpose series on YouTube, it happened again. A mystical experience that blew my mind and changed my life. Universal Energies (My soul, Flame confirmed the entity) came through in a channel from the Universe.

I was sitting at my desk watching a YouTube video. My hands began to rub back and forth. I only noticed it when the friction made my hands warm. A new energy. My intuition confirmed with a twiggle.

With the awareness of it, a channel opened. My body tensed against the new, powerful energy. I was guided to relax. My shoulders began to melt, and my body relaxed. I set the intention to open to receive the download.

Some of this next part was dictated by Universal Energies during the channel. Some of it was purely channeled through me as I wrote and then again as I edited. The universe is making sure I get my story straight. I laugh because the precision surprises me.

The channel opened within me. My body received energy. It felt silvery grey like stainless steel. It was solid, a good foundation.

Part way through the channel, I was guided to start writing. Dictation from the universe.

While typing, a channel opened, or re-opened. I don’t recall.

I saw green in my awareness and knew that they were working on my heart chakra. Our heart has been speaking up more lately, so I am grateful for the assistance.

The energy I experienced was entirely new to me.

They were scanning. I was stretching. My right shoulder and chest were stretched to capacity. It felt like physical therapy after my breast cancer surgery.

I heard, “damage”, and knew it referred to my right side. It was the same thing that Spirit said to me during their scan.

I didn’t know what to say so I stayed silent. I pulled my arms back and hugged myself. I felt my soul being protective over our body. We said something to the effect of, “we expected kinder, more gentle treatment”.

Universal Energies appreciated our boundary. Our heart chakra filled with love energy.

Then I hear, or rather dictated, “It was our first contact, but not our last.”

We then continued editing and adding details to the story. We co-created this, Universal Energies and me. At times I would shut my eyes and receive and type in a string of channeled co-creative energy.

This is what my work does. I speak my life into being with my blog and my videos. It isn’t just work. What I write, along with my inner wishes and dreams, creates this life. This is what it is like to live our soul’s purpose.

I stepped away from my writing for a little while, distracted by earthly life. And then I realized, why am I giving this my attention. I returned to my desk and my heart chakra filled with love and light. I chose well and the universe paid me in love and light.

Out of conditioning, I alt-tabbed and saw a thumbnail on my YouTube homepage. It read, “NEW TIMELINE, SHINE BRIGHT LIKE A DIAMOND”.

Claircognizance tells me that it’s for me. I knew in that moment I had jumped a timeline. I’ve been restless lately, so I am grateful for the change.

Synchronicities and downloads continued sporadically throughout the day. My energy was peaceful and happy. While making dinner I noticed that everything looked and tasted better. While making the image for this post, it all just came together with ease. I like this new timeline, so far.

I love that this is my life. I love the support, protection, and guidance I receive from my spirit team and the universe. I wonder at the beauty, magic, and abundance of this spiritual life.

The image was co-created with Spirit in Canva.

I’m grateful you’re here. I love you.

Be well, beautiful soul,