Astrology and Awakening

It’s been a while since I’ve talked about my continuing spiritual awakening and that’s for a reason. Lately, I’ve been doing some deep inner work. And by “work”, I mean that I’ve been experiencing some heavy energy and intense emotions as they emerge to be processed and healed. The processing and healing are the “work”.

Last week, I watched an astrology video about some powerful alignments. The video is by YouTuber Cosmic Consciousness with Kassia, and titled Jupiter Conjunct Neptune in Pisces. In it she explains that we are between two ages, the Age of Pisces and the Age of Aquarius. Because of that astrology, we can feel like we are see-sawing between two very different energies.

I feel those energies as I move through cycles of healing. Some days I feel firmly planted in the “new” and other days I feel the old hurts and pains. When the “old” emotions emerge, they don’t introduce themselves and announce their intention or how long they’re staying. It’s always a surprise.

They are surprises that bring opportunity to review those emotions and events. That’s when I get to choose how I view them or learn their lessons. It’s like watching your life flash between your eyes in extreme slow motion. Each impactful event shows up and I get to change how I feel about them, forgive, and heal.

Forgiveness is the theme of what’s coming up lately. I’ve been forgiving everyone for everything they did that I perceived as a hurt, wound, or injustice. It’s like I’ve been on an inner publicity tour forgiving everyone. It also feels like the beginning of rebuilding my life.

Synchronicities have been foretelling of phases ending and new beginnings. The numbers “99” and “999” have begun to show up repeatedly in my awareness. Which can mean the end of significant cycle or phase. It would sound ominous if I didn’t already feel my energy shifting.

We are moving into a new astrological year, and a new season with the spring equinox. The sun as moved into my sun sign, Aries. It will help energize and activate me, providing me with a much-needed boost. The winter weather and the pandemic surges have given me excuses to be very lazy. This new Aries energy is already helping me get outdoors. Apparently, I have a solar charging feature.

Aires’s energy doesn’t just help me. We can all benefit from the energy. How the Aries energy helps us is based on everybody’s own unique birth chart. Also called a natal chart.

The first natal chart that I had done was a free, online service. Those types of natal charts are widely considered by professional astrologers to be the least accurate. But, for my first chart, it was accurate enough. I fell in love with astrology. It’s the closest thing that I’ve found to an owner’s manual for people.

Understanding the astrology has helped me throughout my awakening process, my journey. I view astrology, like I view a lot of things, as energy. By understanding that energy, the current astrology, I can use it to do the work. It explains the energy that I feel and the energy that I experience.

If you’re at all drawn to astrology, I encourage you to follow that instinct. It’s fun, interesting, mind-blowing, and consistently surprising.

Astrologers on YouTube that I Recommend:

Most recently, I’ve been enjoying the astrology videos by Catherine Urban on YouTube. I appreciate the way she explains how the current astrological alignments may manifest in the world and our daily lives.

The Astrologer Coach, Sonja Francis, like her title says she’s a coach and an astrologer so she explains the energy in terms of how it can support your life and personal growth.

Nadiya Shah is a leader in the astrological world. She is an author, an astrology school leader, and a wise soul. Her readings are like spending time with your favorite aunt.

Don’t forget, Cosmic Consciousness with Kassia, who I mentioned above. Her readings go into more depth for lightworkers, healers, and for those who are into new age spirituality.

And, yes, I’ve only pointed out female astrologers, but these are talented astrologers that resonate with me. Have fun and explore astrology for yourself and find the guides that resonate with you.

For a free natal chart, I’ve used Café Astrology, but there are many more.

The picture used today was made in Canva, Aries, the ram.

Be well,