A Spiritual Course Correction

A bridge over a fast, flowing river.

As life’s challenges continued, I found myself tense and stressed. Then spirit provided me with a course correction. I received a strong message to relax and stop pushing my path forward. It was a reminder to flow with the energies and along my life path. It was time to change how I was approaching my spiritual path. I received a course correction.

Stop Pushing.

It is easy to get caught up in life’s challenges. As an Aries sun and Taurus moon, I like to push my way forward in life. It was how I used to live my life, constantly pushing, striving, and moving forward by whatever force I could gather. And to be honest with myself, it wasn’t working.

As my spiritual awakening progressed, I learned to soften, release control, and go with the flow. I learned to allow the energies to work through me and I learned to release the old energies and surrender to incoming energies. I learned to flow with the changes and growth occurring in my life.

When life’s recent challenges presented themselves, I faced them well. I was non-reactive and tapped into the inner strength and wisdom that I had developed over the course of my awakening process. But internally, I was stressed. Underlying and unexpressed emotions were making their presence known.

I had stopped sleeping and was making myself overly busy. There was tension in my body that wouldn’t go away, and I wasn’t able to find rest. I leaned into my spiritual practices and began releasing the energies. It worked to a point, but I was treating the symptom and not the cause.

I soon noticed that I stopped receiving messages of being in alignment with my Divine life path. I stopped receiving messages of being in alignment with my soul purpose. My ancestors in spirit had faded from awareness. That’s when I knew there was a problem. I asked spirit for guidance.

Spirit sent me a clear and strong message, “stop pushing”. I was reminded that I was loved, supported, protected, and guided. Nothing was going to occur that wasn’t aligned with my life path and soul purpose. I was reminded that I am protected as I serve my life purpose. Everything was going to be all right.

It took me a few hours to process the message I had received. But then I was able to see how I had been “pushing”. I had been praying for things to happen for me in my time, now. I was trying to create an inauthentic timeline and trying to make things happen. For weeks I had been trying to make things happen faster out of fear of the challenges in my life.

By pushing the timeline and praying for things that weren’t in alignment, I was sending the message that I had lost faith in my path and purpose. My energy was tense, stressed, and less receptive. I was out of alignment and no longer flowing.

A deeper look at the motivation for my pushing provided more insight. Yes, I was pushing forward out of fear, but it wasn’t all my energy. I was picking up and absorbing the energy of those around me. I took the energy of pushing, of force, as mine and ran with it. I was trying to move my path in ways that were not aligned.

Fortunately, returning to flow was easy. I affirmed my new awareness and expressed gratitude for the growth and wisdom that I had experienced. I released old energies and the karma of pushing my life forward instead of flowing with the energies. After that, I rested and allowed myself to decompress.

The next day I woke to a renewed sense of peace and calm. Synchronicities told me of a major cycle closing, and fresh new energies being manifested. I even received a magical message of being in alignment with my Divine life path, soul’s purpose, and a destiny better than I could imagine. There was also a message, a glimpse into a possibility for my life I would never have imagined. And just like that, I was in flow once again.


We are human beings. We are perfectly imperfect. We do our best every single day, but sometimes we need a course correction to bring us back into alignment or to bring awareness to our path. We can push and pull, give up, and break down. We can also get curious, learn, grow, and surrender to our Divine life path and soul’s purpose.

We can navigate the changes with more ease if we release judgment and the idea that the path should be a certain way. But the energy of judgement and control puts us in a box, a fixed mindset. We become closed off to the infinite potential of when and what our life can be.

When we surrender to the path the timing is Divine, the experiences are guided, and we are aligned with our purpose. Life flows and what doesn’t resonate is cleared from our path. Things just have a way of working out. It is a beautiful, magical, abundant, spiritual life.

Whatever our path, spirit has a plan, and our soul came here to live it. Surrender, go with the flow, and see what happens. There are infinite possibilities for our lives. Many we haven’t even dared to consider. Surrender to spirit and allow your soul purpose to emerge.


After I wrote the first draft of this post, I was blessed with a visit from my family in spirit. My uncle first, dad, mom, and then grandma, they all came to love and support me. Then they all came together, including my cats in spirit, Jack and Princess. The cats had been feeling left out so they came and sat on my lap during our group love fest. I opened and received as much love, support, protection, and guidance as I could. It feels so good to be back in flow. I am grateful.

Today’s image is mine. I’ve used it before and will likely use it again. It is a picture from Confluence Park in downtown Denver. I often come here to seek the wisdom of nature.

I’m grateful you’re here too. I love you.

Be well, beautiful soul,