Applying Spirituality to Politics

Text that reads "Our votes is an expression of our values and beliefs."

Politics can seem hopeless these days. There is so much hatred and dishonesty at play it can wear down those of us who are sensitive to energies. It can be tempting to check out and disregard the process, but we are exactly what politics needs.

Those of us who consider ourselves spiritual are needed to balance out the heavier dense energies of the current political landscape. As with all things there is balance, and we can help balance the negativity. Our love, our light, is what is needed.

I’m not saying we all need to run for political office, not at all. It would not be in alignment for most of us, but I do believe that we can approach politics with love, wisdom, and abundance. We can apply spiritual concepts of oneness and love and light to our local, regional, and national elections. And vote accordingly.

We can view our political parties and politicians through the lens of love, wisdom, and abundance. We can ask ourselves and use our intuition to understand if our politicians are acting from a place of love or from hate. We can research their platforms and see if they align with our spiritual values. And we can ask questions from our spiritual perspective.

Do their plans, policies, and language put more love into the world, or do they encourage hate?

Do they seek to be of service to their constituents and the collective, or does their loyalty lie elsewhere?

Do their policies use current wisdom to solve problems, or do they push us back into the past?

Do their plans and policies add to or remove our personal freedoms?

Do their fiscal plans and policies reflect an abundance mindset, or are they ingrained in a lack mindset?

Do their plans protect and care for the environment, or do they seek to destroy environmental protections?

Do they work for the greater good, or do they work only to gain power?

Do their policies protect and care for people, or do they disregard basic human needs?

Do they treat all people as children of God, Spirit, and the Universe, or do they seek to diminish people by “othering” them?

When viewed through a spiritual lens, voting is an act of love for ourselves, our local communities, our countries, and our planet. Through our vote we can create a world that is more aligned with the love and light most of us seek to put into the world.

I know that politics can be a sensitive topic. And I also know that spiritual people have a perspective of love, wisdom, and abundance. That is the perspective that is needed in politics.

I also know that spiritually focused people have a voice. A voice that is filled with love, wisdom, and abundance. And that is exactly what we need in this current political environment.

Voting is so much more than choosing one person over another. Our vote is an expression of our values and beliefs. With a few questions we can make a choice that is aligned with our spiritual perspective. 

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I’m so very grateful you’re here. I love you.

Be well, beautiful soul,